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Spirit Guides - Come Home To Your Soul Family

Spirit guides are a part of your soul family, a part of a group of souls that travel through time and evolution together. They want to work with you and empower you as your growth is their growth, your spiritual and magical evolution theirs. The spirit guide/sentient human relationship is symbiotic, it is a journey of mutual power.

You’re standing in a beautiful meadow on a summer's day, mountains reach to the skies on the northern horizon and to your left a mile or so away is the calmest, bluest and most spectacular lake in all of the worlds.

In the center of the meadow, just behind you is a huge rock, ancient, brown with the knowledge of all time, you are standing at the center of the Universe, at your back is the rock of ages, awaiting your first meeting with a family you’ve known forever, awaiting your first meeting with your Spirit Guides.

This is the Spirit Guide Meditation that opens your inner being to the deepest of probability and power, the bliss of your conscious spiritual and magical path.

9 Reasons to Work with Spirit Guides
- What’s in it for you?

  1. Spirit Guides are a very powerful place to start when building relationships with individual Spirits

    • As spirit guides evolve and grow with you it is in their interest to connect with you and empower your spiritual journey.  This makes them easier to work with and a powerful first step in your ability to connect to individual spirits.
  2. Spirit Guides already know you very well, you’ve been through many lives together

    • These beings have a soul contract with you, it’s in their interests to empower you, help you find and stay on your spiritual and magical path, they have access to past life information which may support your growth or be hindering your actualization.
  3. Spirit Guides are like personalized Spirit helpers, they often know where you need to develop in your life, spiritual and magical journey

    • Your spirit guides can act as gatekeepers and sign posts. The closest of these guides (you gatekeeper)  helps you limit the access to your auric fields that other predatory spirit may be seeking, spirit guides  are supporting your expansion and awareness of new areas of spiritual and magical growth and knowledge

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  4. Spirit Guides are fabulous at helping you develop your psychic and clairvoyant abilities

    • Spirit guides are a bridge between your world of physical and material reality and the subtle worlds of spirit. They have access to your mind and auric bodies, they help you unlock your unlimited psychic and clairvoyant potential and show you the path to your all knowing greatness.
  5. Spirit Guides help you lock in other people’s energy supporting you to give effective clairvoyant readings for others

    • Your guides have the ability to contact the guides of others and offer you information that their guides wish them to hear or the client has requested.
  6. Spirit Guides can soul travel with you supporting your energy and empowering your connections with other spirit beings you may meet

    • All souls slow their vibration to come into physical form, your Spirit guides are still vibrating on the level of spirit.  When we soul travel we elevate our vibrations to meet that of spirit and be able to communicate with them, almost like speaking another language.  Your spirit guides support you with this translation and enable you to maintain the vibration necessary to achieve your goals, visit new worlds and open you soul to ecstasy and power.
  7. Spirit Guides can help you assess the progress of your magic following a spell or ritual

    • Sometimes it’s important to know whether we need to add more magic to our intention.  Contacting your spirit guides to help you check on the status of a spell or magic you have worked allows you to receive confirmation with less disruption to the energy you set in motion with your spell.
  8. Spirit Guides can help you heal physically, emotionally and spiritually

    • Your spirit guides aid your alignment to your path, bring to the surface wounds and memories that are ready for resolution and remind you of the ‘god-like’ tools and power you already possess to accelerate your journey to self actualization.
  9. Spirit Guides assist your spiritual growth and ascension

    • They prod and prompt you to step up and fulfill your role in achieving your highest physical, emotional and spiritual potential.  This physical reality is the most difficult, yet exhilarating, wondrous and magical location of all of the realms of existence.

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Meditation, Guided Meditation and Spirit Guides are your first step

Here’s my hand, come with me now.

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