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Sometimes the process of spiritual growth comes in big leaps. But more often it occurs as tiny openings in your conscious mind, hints at where the door of ability will be. It is this way with learning to hear your spirit guides. As we train and grow we find indications that the door is ajar. This happens as more and more information slips past in bites small enough that your conscious mind can digest them. Then one day when you have reached an adequate level of believing the door will fly open. This often comes in a moment of need. Your unconscious mind pulls skills through a portal that you always knew was there but could not consciously open. You hear them. Perhaps you don't know how you did it, but it happened, the message comes through loud and clear. Then the door closes, and the cycle builds again.

How to hear your spirit guides

I am very kinesthetic and equally analytical, a weird mix, and especially tricky in my spiritual development. My conscious mind wants to dissect everything into tiny pieces and my unconscious wants to feel everything all the way through to understand it. "To feel through things is to travel at the speed of smell," a friend told me. "Choose a faster modality," she advised. The fastest one I have been able to muster is the speed of memory. A memory is sound, and image (light), and feeling all at once.

Communicating at the Speed of Memory

I had an instance sitting at a coffee shop and laughed aloud at a memory. To tell the story to my companion sitting across from me took a full 10 minutes. But the memory had unfolded for me in its entirety in 3 seconds inside my head. It had moved at the speed of image mixed with sound and feeling. Not quite at the speed of light, but much faster than the speed of speaking.

Communicating with your spirit guides is much the same way. Spirit exists at a vibration that is higher than light, we know this because we cannot see them. From this higher frequency (not better, just faster) they have to slow down to speak to us. However, often the slowest they can manage is the speed of memory. Their communication comes in the form of impressions, full stories that happen in an instant, image sound and feelings all wrapped together.

Mediumship has a similar feel. You may not hear your grandmother’s voice, because the speed of vocal storytelling would be much too slow. But you may get the impression of her words. You may feel the familiar cadence of the way her stories would have been told as it occurs to you all at once. You can learn more about connecting to your Spirit Guides and mediumship in our book: Spirit Guides, Mediumship and Moon Magic.

Spirit guides mediumship and moon magic book and course

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How to Hear Your Spirit Guides

The first skill is learning to connect to your guides. To call out to them and perceive their response. Your guides are members of your soul family, they have been through many lifetimes with you. Check out our blog Spirit Guides - Come home to your Soul Family. They have a soul contract with you to spur your spiritual growth this lifetime. If you are reading this article you are probably drawn to your spirit guides already, and they are waiting for you to hear them.

We hear questions on Ask Spirit like “Why is the information they give us hard to understand?” The use of that kind of language itself creates the reality that it is hard, and it stays that way. (See our blog on the Language of Manifesting).

If you think you can or you think you cant, you're right.

If you think you can or you think you can't, you're right. - Henry Ford

To go from one method of communication to another is an act of translation or interpretation. This is the next skill to develop in your spiritual practice.

For example:

When you speak the words:

"Two yellow balloons drift through the air over a field of golden rod on a late summer afternoon."

Your mind will interpret it into an image. It will increase their vibration as it translates these words into light, the language of your eyes. We do this all the time, but some translations are easier than others. Many of us have all struggled to put a thought or a feeling into words. Because our Spirit Guides communicate with us in impressions, to share their information with others we must translate it through multiple levels into words.

How to Triumph in Translation

Thoughts are a specific vibration, slower are feels, and even slower words. Feels and thoughts are on different frequencies. Thoughts are the language of the conscious mind and feels the language of the unconscious mind. Both are powerful but as different as light and sound, x-rays and infrared. The ability to hear your Spirit Guides comes in the language of your unconscious, memory is image, sound and feels, not thoughts.

When processing these impressions for meaning I am incredibly tempted to "go think about it". To use my conscious mind to unpack their meaning. A different friend responded this way: "I don't think you will find an answer that way. What you are looking for is not in the world of thinks but in the world of feels."

The conscious mind often shuts “feels” down for self protection. But the feeling self is like a child, always hungry for more feels, more information, more experiences. This is the path to spirit, to magic, to manifestation, the language of the unconscious mind and the world of feels. It is also the location of the door to ability, that portal of connection to the collective unconscious and the spirit worlds.

Get into action building your Spiritual Practice - Join us in the Gym

Build Your Practice

Our first step in learning to hear our spirit guides is learning to connect. Overcoming our conscious and unconscious resistance, establishing our believing and honing our practice. The second skill is learning to access the language of feels. We relax and let our unconscious mind unfold the impressions given to us and extract their meanings. Finally, we work on translating these impressions to others, finding the words to express them.

In the process of spiritual growth, we are best to let the skills come. Do your research, practice the skills, establish the belief in the idea that learning to hear your Spirit Guides is possible. Then one day the door will fly open, shut again, and go back ajar, perhaps stay open longer next time. You will learn to open it on command as both your practice and your believing strengthen, and your resistance and doubt wane.

Learning to Hear Your Spirit Guides Faster

Having said "let the skills come" then my analytical brain immediately goes into battle mode. No, no there must be something I can DO NOW, some way to speed the process. Steve prods and teases me all the time about this. So together we have developed a way to get you moving the fastest way we know how. We use Transmutational Meditation to speak directly to your unconscious mind, where the door to ability is, and the greatest resistances lie. It's crazy that the universe put them in the same place, but so it goes. We use trance, story, and ritual to increase your believing, resolve resistance and open the door to ability within your mind. The book and recorded meditations to lead you through the process are available now. If you are ready to step into your ability to connect with your spirit guides, we are here to help.

Spirit guides mediumship and moon magic book and course

Check out our course here


  1. Evan Robydek on March 21, 2021 at 5:40 pm

    Incredible knowledge and experience 🙌

  2. Brittney on April 3, 2021 at 9:16 pm

    Thank You April! I love this! I was just talking about this to another member of the study group you guys offer (which is phenomenal!) , and of course the universe is working for me, bringing this blog to me just 2 days after that conversation to confirm what I was saying and validating that I’m on the right track!

  3. Grace on May 2, 2021 at 1:26 pm

    Hello, I have Aphantasia, which is the inability to visualise. Would this prevent me from mediumship or spirit contact? Thank you

    • Stephen on May 2, 2021 at 9:47 pm

      No Grace not at all Spirit will work with you in whatever way the faculty of your imagination works

  4. Adalia on May 28, 2021 at 4:38 am

    How will I know if the image I see is from my spirit guides and not my own mind making something else? Will I feel a change in energy or somehow feel something noticeably different?

    • Stephen on May 28, 2021 at 5:14 am

      Yes you’ll notice it change in energy definitely yet at the same time there’s no separation, your imagination is the gateway to Spirit

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