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Space Clearing Cover

Steve specializes with work to remove extreme negative spirit beings and attachments from places or people.

These negative spirits can often cause disturbances in the lives of the people they interact with.  Feelings of foreboding, anxiety, bad luck, items being shifted in a house can all be examples of interaction with disruptive spirits.

Most situations can be cleared remotely as Steve has powerful access to the spirit world that can be accessed from the astral plane.

If you believe your situation required onsite attention this can also be arranged.

Remote work includes:

  • 20 minutes call to define the problem
  • Send photos of the person or location with difficulties
  • A confirmation message sent when the work is finished, you may feel the change immediately or it may take a few days for the energy to settle.

Price: $150


Working onsite

  • 20 min consultation call about your problem - $50 to be credited toward the work
  • Travel to where the problem is.
  • Performance of clearing via ritual or other forms of moving spirit

Pricing: $1500 + travel and lodging expenses + time in transit. To be negotiated and paid in advance.

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