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Ritual Magic is the practice of trading energy for time or luck

Direct Magic Ritual

Magic is the art of altering your experience of reality via focused will, the performing of magic can take many forms and Steve uses a number of techniques and rituals when he’s weaving the best approaches for your particular circumstances.

When we understand that the reality we experience unfolds and flows from within us and the art of mastering our lives is making the process of creation a conscious ‘god - like’ act.

Magical Rituals give you the option to consciously empower your goals and dreams and massively improve the likelihood of  successful outcomes.

Price: $150

As a practicing magician and clairvoyant myself, I have the honor of offering you a number of services to light up your way.

  • We could work together to design and plan your own rituals for you to perform yourself.
  • Following your own ritual magic I can clairvoyantly assess how the energy of your magic is moving and whether you need to add more magic to it.
  • With my deep spirit relationships and experience in magical ritual  I can perform magic for you to prompt the energies of creation to reorganize themselves to support you realizing your goal. This work has three major parts.
    • First the consultation, where we discuss what you would like to change and how best to achieve it.
    • Second, the performance of the ritual itself, which I would execute on your behalf.
    • Third you may need to take actions or change some of your beliefs to allow yourself to receive the new experience.