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New moon, dark moon, and moon magicThe New Moon, Dark Moon and Moon Magic are subjects that fascinate many people who practice, or are curious about, alternative spiritualities. Naturally when reading the title you’d assume we’re talking about witchcraft or at least something under the umbrella of paganism and in a loose way you’d be right. Yet magicians, like myself, who don’t associate with any particular forms of religion also work the energies of the moon as it’s so accessible to all of us who rome this beautiful planet and such useful magical energies are associated in nature and the human collective consciousness with our rocky satellite.

So how old is this moon magic?

It’s hard to know as it probably reaches back into pre - history. Many of our earliest religions are solar based as the sun brings light, heat and energy and every living creature is reliant on it, so it wasn’t a huge stretch to associate the sun with the globe that lit up the night sky. In nearly all early traditions the moon was seen as feminine, an expression of the goddess.

Other associations with the moon are the movements of the tides (water was always considered to be a feminine element in magic and life, often associated with emotion.) Even now the moon is associated with emotion and mental states, the Latin and later Italian and Spanish word for moon is luna we often refer to people with an emotion or mental disorder as a lunatic and I know from experience as ex psychiatric nurse so often there was an association between the full moon and the amount of patients admitted to mental health hospitals around that time of the month.

Perhaps more important is the relationship between the moon and women’s menstrual cycles. Is it any wonder the moon came to be seen as the goddess in one of her many forms. Even the myth of the man in the moon, it seems to me, is a reference to the idea that man is born of woman, in the belly of the great mother moon there was a man ready to experience life.

So why work with the moon Spiritually/Magically?

Imagine if you could reach out with your left hand and wipe away all obstacles to the life that you deeply desire and then reach out with your right hand to create anew.

Imagine a time in your life where you were in control of what happens, what you have and the experiences that you choose.

Imagine the power of dreaming your life in a way that fills you with ecstasy, fulfillment, joy and a deep contentment while leading you higher to greater and more incredible experiences.

You’d choose that, wouldn’t you?

Flowing with the cycles of the moon allows you to create a series of Monthly Practices working with each moon phase to empower your magic and create the reality you choose.  The moon cycles provide us with a constant rhythm to keep your practice consistent, allowing you to build a relationship with the magic of the moon.  Building this type of connection allows you to call on the energy of the moon to empower your spells rituals and magic in the future.

Flowing with the cycles of the moon empowers all of us to realize just how incredible we are, all are included, all of us have that power buried inside of us.

The Dark Moon

Dark Moon magic and meditation is phenomenal, it opens wide the door of opportunity as you drive out all that no longer serves you, it literally releases everything in your way, it’s the power of destruction that permits you to use it (destruction) positively in your life.

This is the time to work against enemies or as an alternative focus see obstacles to manifesting your life the way you choose it as your enemy and through seduction, test and/or motivation remove your obstacles

The dark or hidden moon represents those two or three days leading up to the time of the new moon, it’s a time to actualize your spiritual knowledge and power as a living human being.  It can be experienced as the ecstasy of Spirit, the gateway to passion and instinct and the realization that you and Spirit are one, the two sides of the All. It can spark joy and happiness in your life at a deep spirit level and you can use this magic to bring profound fulfillment to every part of life’s experience.

At this point in the moon’s phase you have the strongest potential of understanding the power of the hidden and it’s an ideal time to develop your mediumship and commune with the souls of your beloved dead. This is the time to draw renewal towards you, empowering you to remove everything that inhibits the realization of your goals with an instinct and passion buried deep inside of your Being.

The opportunity to grow your unique spiritual and magical path at this time in the month is unrivaled!

New Moon Magic

This is the time of new beginnings, a time for your new endeavors, this is a time to rise above your challenges and reaffirm your life choices or short term goals with the certainty of your success. You have the power to sweep aside obstacles, empowering relationships, career path, the manifestation of money, love, sexual satisfaction, fulfillment and joy. This is the beginning of the path to the next level of your spiritual and magical knowledge and fulfillment. This is the magic that changes your experience from someone who’s a victim of life to someone who can manifest his/her desires.

As the crescent moon, pregnant with opportunity arrives, the great magic of your own power demonstrates your awesomeness and all that you can do with your life. You have the potential to step into your choices, your goals and initiate yourself into the power of change.


At Magic, Self and Spirit, this is our mission, to empower, encourage, educate and support you to walk the awesome uniqueness of your own magical and spiritual path.

You are a divine being with the latent power to create reality your way, let’s awaken that knowledge and belief and trigger your magnificent potential, just imagine that, just imagine your life that way.

In our free Facebook Group The Magic of the Sun, Moon and Stars we perform live events for members, through guided meditation and magic we’ll spark your soul into magical action, trigger your brilliance and release the ecstasy of Spirit throughout your Being.

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