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magic of the waning gibbous moonThe magic of the waning gibbous moon is traditionally focused on banishing those things from your life that you no longer choose. Yet to just focus on banishing misses grand opportunities to expand your magic and empower yourself.  This period of the month just following the brilliance of the full moon (like all other moon phases) is a time where you can harness great knowledge and extraordinary power of Moon Magic.

Working with the phases of the moon each month empowers you to electrify every part of your life and your spiritual/magical journey. The beauty of the moon in magical senses is its cyclical nature.  Each month you can move deeper and deeper into your power.  You can work both with the magic of the external world when manifesting your desires, and by turning inwards and using your energies as alchemy to gather more and more spiritual power.

How have people worked with Moon Magic throughout history?

The moon has been a source of magic for many cultures yet nowhere more prominently than in pagan communities. Ancient druid priesthoods and/or witches covens would gather for full moon ceremonies.  At times they also gathered at the new moon, to work magic and celebrate Esbats (moon ceremonies).

Other moon phases though would often be the focus of individual practitioner workings.  The magic of the waning gibbous moon, for example, may have been used to develop and empower psychic power, banish unwanted energies, spirits and obstacles or engage the dreaming instinctual mind. Working with the moon throughout history has been a practice of working with both the dark and the light parts of self, bringing balance to our experience and power to our lives.

Spiritual Meaning of the waning gibbous moon

So why work with the Magic of the Waning Gibbous Moon?

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine the full moon beginning to wane, beginning its journey to the hidden moon. As you do feel the draw of the energy taking you inwards to the depth of your being.  Sense your psychic and instinctual faculties awakening, and your intuition engaging. This is the flow of the moon in its waning gibbous phase. It is the start of the great opportunity to know your brilliance, spiritual knowledge, and magic.

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But What Specific Magic and Spiritual Growth is Related to the Waning Gibbous Moon?

  1. Building your psychic energy 
    • As you start your journey inwards with the energies of the waning moon and you begin to experience your reality from within yourself. Your psychic energies are ignited. This is a great time to focus your attention on their development and the opening of the inner path of knowledge and communication with all that there is.
  2. Access the wisdom of your soul with mirror magic
    • Start by sitting in your temple, lights extinguished, a candle on each side of your mirror.  Gaze into the mirror, into the depths of your potential, your soul.  You discover wisdom about your life and your spiritual, magical path. This is a powerful practice that supports you to access potent knowledge buried inside of you and located in the collective unconsciousness of humanity.
  3. Activate the powers of your instincts and intuitions
    • The conscious journey with the power of the waning gibbous moon triggers intuitive and instinctive abilities. They will speed your progress toward spiritual and magical mastery no end.
  4. Engaging your dreaming mind
    • Meditation at this phase empowers the potency of your dreaming mind and opens up incredible potential for manifestation.
    • This is the perfect time of the month to combine Moon Magic with the Magic of Ancient Egypt. Explore the dream temples of Ancient Egypt and unlock the power of your inner child. 
  5. Removing parasitic relationships 
    • As you follow the path into your inner worlds with the magic of the waning gibbous moon you naturally begin to shred those relationships that no longer serve your growth and self-realization. This can be done quietly and naturally in a process of letting go. It can be done forcibly in a banishing spell.  Or there’s great opportunity to use these experiences to transmute the energies of these parasitic relationships into your spiritual/magical power by utilizing breathe and alchemy.
      Learn more about breath alchemy techniques here
  6. The overcoming or transmuting of difficult situations in your life
    • Use this time of the waning gibbous moon to transmute those obstacles on your path. Create your freedom to design your reality in the way that you choose.
  7. Burn away habits and weaknesses that obstruct your path
    • The energies of the waning gibbous moon are the perfect time to shred those beliefs and behaviors obstructing your journey to power.
  8. Activate the powers of self-analysis and introspection
    • All successful magic and manifestations start from the place of knowing what you really choose. This is a vital ingredient of your potentiality in every part of your life.
    • This is the first of the Yin phases of the moon.  The moment when we shift from outward action to inward looking.
  9. A time for banishing magic
    • This is a fundamental part of the empowered mage’s toolbox. Banishing can be used for situations, energies, and spirits to neutralize everything around you so you can create anew.

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