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The magic of the Spring Equinox is rooted in nature, in Mother Earth herself, twice a year there’s a balance of light and darkness, twelve hours of each in most countries of the world. The magic and spirituality of the Spring Equinox dates back to the pagan traditions of northern Europe who worshiped the sun and were aligned with the movements of the seasons.

The coming of the sun with its light and warmth was central to the survival of the tribes and their people, the land became fertile and animals would be born, the cycle of planting crops and rearing beasts meant there would be food. The practical applications of magic and spirituality were interwoven with the experience of life itself.

Modern attributions of religion, spirituality and magic favor imbalance, they value the light over the darkness and fail to appreciate the awesomeness of the nature of darkness. For darkness is the place where nothingness becomes something, it’s the womb of gestation not only of physical life but of spiritual and magical energy and the specifics of manifestation. The farmer plants the seed in the soil, deep in the darkness, it survives to maturation only if at first it’s left in the darkness until it’s ready to reach above the soil and into the light, thus is the nature of reality.

How have people worked with the magic of the Spring Equinox throughout history?

Obviously this is a wide question, rituals would have varied by time, region or tradition, the gods associated with the festival in different lands etc.  However the common theme would have related to honoring the gods/goddesses of fertility, darkness and light. For example there’s an Avalonian tradition of honoring Arta the mother bear, the mythological mother of the human race, a story that must have emerged as humanity came out of the darkness of the unconscious mind into consciousness.

It’s profound theme therefore is the relationship between darkness and light, the emergence from one state to another with the knowledge that we’ll always return to the previous state to rejuvenate. For example in almost every experience of reality we emerge from darkness, into light, the darkness of unconsciousness to conscious awareness, winter into spring, ignorance into wisdom and then continue the cycle into its next rotation.

Like all the pagan sun festivals, the Spring Equinox is a celebration of the cycle of life, that cycle can rotate on the same plane and the next year will be similar (at least in terms of material reality...food, housing, the tribe etc.)

The cycle, however, can move up like a spiral and each time we emerge from the darkness we return different to who we were when we entered into the particular cycle of darkness. In other words the darkness transmutes the emotions, potential, the magic of people who enter it, if they so wish, or if they are ready. The spirituality and the magic of the Spring Equinox would always be a celebration of emergence into the light but for some it was a celebration of growth and evolution as well.

The Transmutational Meditation we’ll lead tomorrow (Spring Equinox 2020) for example uses the magic of emergence into the light of consciousness and magic to build a ritual to banish and destroy the Coronavirus. The basis of this magic is primal, collective human survival (enough of our fellow humans are being threatened by this virus) it rises deep from within our unconscious minds as a raw act of self defence. It’s the epitome of the magic of the Spring Equinox, we emerge from the darkness (the fear, the anxiety) into power. Yet at the same time we honor the cycle of life because the dragon plunges into the void, the underworld to transmute the emotions of the unconscious mind (anger, fear and anxiety) and rises again as power to fill our bodies.

So why work with the Spring Equinox?

Nature and the seasons are the movement of energy, transformation, growth themselves. As we emerge from the darkness we have had the opportunities to transmute our so called ‘negative emotions’ into power, creativity and change. There’s an Oscar Wilde quote that says something like:

“If you stand on the shoulders of giants you can see a long way.”

Working with the energies of this time of year and accessing the magic of traditions  thousands of years old, is like standing on the shoulders of spiritual giants. The understanding of, or the ability to evolve our magic and therefore our material circumstances is simply so strong at this time of year.

But what specific magic and spiritual growth is related to the Spring Equinox?

The Light and Darkness can be adversarial yet they are two sides of the same coin

We are both the darkness and the light, our knowledge, consciousness and magic gestates, transmutes in, and grows from the darkness. Each stage of our growth or evolution relies equally on the dark and the light. Consciously working with this festival accelerates our spiritual development and magic because our drive to grow is adversarial, it’s a lust to be more than before, it’s in opposition to what there is in the now.

It empowers us when we focus on fertility, feeding and growth

All changes in our lives come when we focus on the fertility and growth of an idea, food, spiritual growth etc. We move forward when we focus on the direction we’re going as opposed to on what we’re resisting.


It honors both sides of the energy and thus our own growth

Understanding that emerging into the light from the darkness as new people empowers our ability to overcome those things that hold us back whether they be fear and anxiety, ignorance or a super virus. When we understand that darkness transmutes and regenerates everything, working with the energies of this festival is a no brainer.

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Every person alive has the ability to take hold of their life, work their magic and experience life at phenomenal levels as yet unrealized. We live in the most exciting times of explosion of knowledge and we all have the ability to master reality itself.

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