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More Magic and Spells For Beginners, as the title suggests, is the second part of our previous blog Magic Spells For Beginners - Four Different Approaches. Here we offer two further approaches which are independent of the techniques we discussed before.

Like the last discussion, the motivation to write this came from our live feed video series related to our Facebook page with the same name (@magicselfandspirit) we sought to find ways to support people to find alternatives to some of the questions and life situations they find themselves in. This has been our mission since we started, to empower you to walk your unique, powerful and independent magical and spiritual path.

Ask Spirit our weekly Facebook live feed is 30 minutes of clairvoyance, answering as many questions as is possible in the timeframe. My experience of clairvoyance is it is both prediction and also it provides confirmation. Because the live feeds are busy, they drive me to develop my own skills further, answering many questions at a speed…

See our last live feed here:

Rune Magic And Bind Runes

It’s beyond the scope of this blog to discuss in depth the vast knowledge and magic of the ancient Norse Runes. In modernity most people with even a passing recognition of the runic system understand them as a divination tool much like tarot or astrology. Like tarot and astrology, runes can also be used for the kind of magic that can change your reality, the kind of magic that enforces your will. They can be used as sigils (see our last blog Magic and Spells for Beginners) and in a form of magic called Bind Runes.

Rune magic is a very old practice which we all share within the collective consciousness, giving us permission to access power and spellcasting that doesn’t necessarily require a depth of knowledge to bring about material change and success.

I’m not going to pretend that what I’m going to write below is any more than a minor introduction to ideas for your magic, nor am I implying that what’s here is necessarily enough to create your magic successfully (although it most certainly could be.) The purpose of this and our previous blog is to act as sign posts on your road when walking your unique path.

However, go deep, invest in yourself in order to break the shackles tying you to mediocrity, research, practice, build your magical ability, remember like for all of us, your worst enemy when it comes to empowering your life is you yourself and those pesky beliefs that you’re not good enough.

One of the things we’re doing here on Magic Self and Spirit is adding runes to our logo and then charging them, to bring extra energy and power to our business. Three of the runes we’ve chosen are:

Obviously, these three runes would be powerful to use in money magic too.

You could make them into a talisman (mark them onto some material object, a necklace for example) empower them and allow their energies to attract money into your life.

Consecration or empowerment could be done in a way we discussed for sigil magic in the previous post

  1. Create your intention statement
    “It is my will….” 
  2. Meditate on the runes one by one
  3. Gaze into the runes in order until the rune appears to start flashing or seems as if it is floating, or parts of it is disappearing and reappearing again.
  4. Keep gazing into the rune, split your attention and visualize your intention at the same time (for example having wads of money in your purse) until your mind seems to have the image quite comfortably (without effort) and it brings and smile to your face.
  5. Speak your intention  statement aloud at this point.
    “It is my will….” 
  6. Follow this by speaking aloud (and allowing yourself to feel) five (or more) statements of gratitude.
    Gratitude statements are a pronouncement of what is in your life:
    I have gratitude for the reality that I am a singular incarnation of the universal mind, all magic flows me..
    Gratitude is verbal magic that opens you to receiving.
  7. Maybe state Austin Osman Spare’s mantra, mentioned in the previous post,
    It’s not important. It need not be.
    Breaking all attachments to the outcome to allow the magic to go free into the ether and do its job.
  8. Break away from the magic, take your mind off it, make a sandwich, go for a walk, whatever mundane things that’ll concentrate your mind elsewhere.

Bind Runes and Galdr

Runes can be fused together, usually two or three at a time, to create a unique stave (the visual representation of a rune) and combine their individual powers together. Let’s use the example runes we were working with above for money magic, Fehu, Yera and Wunjo.

They could be fused together to look something like this:

This is a rough example of a bind rune that when empowered or consecrated could draw much financial success towards the magical practitioner.

Galdr is the norse name for song or chant used to consecrate and empower runes. Individually each rune can be brought to life by chanting its name, but in the case of a bind rune, taking a part of each rune name and amalgamating them into a chant can be a strong way of bringing your magic to life.

For example, Fehu, Yera and Wunjo could become: Feyewun and chanted over and over again to empower the above bind rune would an effective way of drawing the magic towards you.

Due to the scope of this blog, I am aware that I haven’t even begun to address what’s possible within the field of rune magic, I strongly encourage you to research the subject and begin the journey of building your power. There are two books I would recommend on the subject of runes and rune magic, the first:

Click here to check out this book on Amazon

The Big Book Of Runes And Rune Magic - How to Interpret Runes, Rune Lore, and the Art of Runecasting.  By Edred Thorsson

The Left Path of Odin by Asrupr Cyneapsson, is one of my favorites, consider the following as an innovative and powerful way to empower your rune or bind rune:

“Begin with a view of the rune stave - its physical form.
Draw the stave, largely, upon a sheet of paper. Use a bright red ink in order that the stave can emit its runic energy ...hold the paper in front of a lit candle flame in a darkened room.
The light of the candle illuminating the rune within a darkened space focusses your visual memory upon the stave, energises the rune and reduces external extraneous stimulation of the mind. Meditate upon the stave.” 

Click here to check out this book on Amazon

Magical Thought Forms: Servitors, Tulpas And Egregores

Let the fun begin!

What you, and you alone know is always the most potent

 - Odin after he hung upside down from the Yggdrasill, the world tree and found the secrets of the runes.

If you break down anything ultimately it’s vibration, the movement of energy which never really stays still, it doesn’t matter if it’s your table and chairs, your car or your mind, everything is held in place by vibration, stillness and static are illusion.

In my bog The Mental Universe: Three Masks Of Self I opened with the hermetic idea that:

“the Universe is made of mind and therefore everything is mind”

which, when understood underpins the idea of magical thought forms.

If everything is mind (including your mind lol) then thought can be manipulated to create what it is you choose and because energy (mind in this context) is never really still, from it you can create life as life is always vibrating.

Everything is energy. Your thought begins it, your emotion amplifies it and your action increases the momentum.

-Academy Of Magickal Arte

Servitor Definition:

A Servitor is a thought form created by a magical practitioner as a being or a thing birthed with a specific intention to bring into reality a certain magical goal.

A servitor can be human, animal (a mixture between the two) machine or shape that has been programmed to fulfill a magical ambition. Servitors are created to serve, by definition they are not sentient (as in they don’t have independent thoughts or feelings.)

Tulpa Definition:

A Tulpa is similar to a servitor but with one main difference, they’re programmed to be sentient and perhaps evolve that way.

Egregore Definition:

An Egregore is a thought form created by a number of people together, usually representing the goals of an organisation (witches covens, businesses, mystery schools etc)

Magical use of thought forms has been part of the magician’s arsenal for centuries, those of us involved in magical warfare (exorcism, space clearing, curse removal or other more advanced workings) for example often find them invaluable.

Since the emergence of Chaos Magic in the 1970's servitors have been at the forefront of much magical practice. Indeed, from the point of view of Chaos Magic (everything is illusion) all gods, angels, demons and spirits etc are magical thought forms - often egregores and hence very powerful due to the amount of energy and focus placed on them by millions/billions of people for thousands of years.

Creating Magical Thought Forms

There are numerous approaches to magical thought form creation yet for the sake of clarity I’ll only talk about a few of them here.

A number of months ago I decided to create a Tulpa to compliment some evocation magic I was working with. I chose a Tulpa as opposed to a servitor as I wanted the magic to grow and evolve.

I had come across a video on Youtube by ThunderWizaed.com that involved evoking Odin the Norse god to bring him (Thunder Wizard) money, so I adapted his evocation in order to be able to pair it with Tulpa magic.

First Principle of Thought Form Creation

  • Become clear of what type of being you wish to create, Is this Being congruent (literally or creatively) with your magical intention?

My intention was to create a flow of more money in my life. I had numerous options, I could create an accountant or financier, a bank clerk, a leprechaun, a bank robber etc. I decided on an Earth Dragon who protected treasure in his mountainside cave.

Second Principle

  • Give your thought form a name.

Naming something gives it identity, empowers it and can give you power over it. As I was working with Odin who brought the runes into human consciousness, I opted to name the dragon Fehu after the rune of abundance (see above).

Third Principle

  • What powers and skills does your thought form have?

In this case I programmed  Fehu to have the ability to find money and wealth, the ability to collect the cash, the ability to save and grow money, the ability to deliver the money directly to me (access to my bank account, my Paypal account, my wallet, pockets etc) the ability to leave it places where I would unexpectedly find it, the ability to create it out of thin air, the ability to generate abundant energy in being, the ability to work with alchemy, the ability to convince others to give me money and finally the ability to steal it.

Fourth Principle

  • Create a sigil to represent your thought form.

For information on sigils and their creation, see our last blog:  Magic Spells For Beginners - Four Different Approaches. As I discussed in the aforementioned blog there are a number of ways to create sigils. I worked with meditation and created a sigil to represent my dragon Fehu which included the US dollar symbol, the runic Fehu stave and a dragon’s head.


I empowered the sigil ritually by creating a ball of energy in between my palms, channeling white light (‘let there be light’ - the beginning of creating life) into my ball of energy, immersing the sigil in the ball of light and energy, placing the sigil on my altar and gazing at it until it sprung to life as I was visualizing my dragon.

Fifth Principle

  • Gestation - Give your thought form fetus time to grow and to be born.

I came across an idea from the Academy Of Magickal Arte in relation to servitor gestation, where they work with a fresh chicken’s egg for a number of days, symbolizing the birth of the thought form.

I took this idea and adapted it: - Gestation Ritual

I soul traveled to a mountain cave deep in the astral plane every day for a week and sat in its entrance  visualizing a huge dragon egg. I spoke to the foetus of Fehu about his abilities and powers, programing the little one with the magical prowess I was creating. I chanted his name over and again visualizing the powerful Tulpa he was to become.

On the seventh day, I stood in the cave behind an altar I’d created and consecrated. On the right of my altar was my athame (magical knife) on the left my chalice and in the center Fehu’s sigil.

I poured red wine into the chalice, held my right palm above it and invoked the flames and the white light of creation through my body, along my arm and out of my palm into the chalice, imbuing the wine with the power of creation. I drank the wine, replacing the chalice on the left of creation.

I picked up the athame with my right hand, chest height, flat of the blade facing me, tip towards the heavens, and supported my right hand with my left. I invoked blue fires of creation and directed them along my arms into the knife until they poured out of the tip.

Pointing the tip of the athame towards the sigil, I visualized the flame empowering it and bringing the sigil to life. Replacing the athame, I gazed at the sigil until its lines started to flash while at the same time seeing Fehu come to life with my inner sight.

Again I picked up the athame and pointed it towards Fehu’s dragon egg, and with a deep voice vibrating through my body I stated:

I am ---- (my magical name) Odin, El Shaddai, the Lord your God

I command you to come forth into this world.

Blue flames flew from the athame, cracked open the egg and Fehu emerged, first as a baby and then rapidly as an adult dragon. Again I told him of his mission, his powers and what was expected of him. He roared and released fire from his throat as a statement of obedience.

Sixth Principle 

  • Where does your thought form live?

You can place your servitor in a sacred stone, a small wooden box, she can live on your altar, amongst your runes, some magicians have them living in/on parts of the body, out in an accessible place in nature, or out on the astral plane in a ready made dwelling. As may be obvious, Fehu’s home is in a cave full of treasure on the side of a mountain located in a secret location of the astral plane.

Seventh Principle

  • How does it feed?

Any living being needs sustenance as both videos about thought forms embedded on this blog explain well. When I birthed Fehu, I gave him three sources of sustenance:

  • I would summon him each day to be with me for the evocation of Odin (mentioned above) and he would be fed by the energy of Odin’s presence.
  • I would direct the fires of the blue flames towards him as that was how he came into being
  • I programmed him to steal the energies of any enemies I may have (known or otherwise.)

Eighth Principle

  • Retiring, resting or destroying your thought form.

There are many scare stories around about thought forms going rogue, turning against their creators or creating havoc for others. I must admit I don’t really buy into fear based limitations. Even so you can program a word, sound, song, symbol or whatever into your thought form so it will cease to exist and be taken back as energy and consciousness into your body from where it came.

Fehu, has been retired to his cave in the mountains and lives his days in peace as any noble dragon should. I have the option to recall him to work for me again or to leave him be and create a new generation of tulpa  magic. I retired him because I wanted to focus my time on developing further magical knowledge and skills on my path to ascend.

Other Thought Form Magic

As you can imagine, there’s so many different approaches one can take in relation to the creation and use of thought form magic.

You could create messenger servitors (owls perhaps) servitors that teach, tulpas that heal you and others, or thought forms for protection...The list is endless and I’d encourage you to research and be uniquely creative.

One of my favorite online teachers for this kind of magic is Kelly Ann Maddox, her approaches are an extension of who she is, original and often fun. The other reason I like her work is I find it difficult to dislike anyone who opens her videos with the words “Hello Pop Tarts"

Taking this work to another level, E A Koetting writing his contribution in a book about developing magical ability by working with the dark angel of the abyss Abaddon gives the following advice about empowering your thought form:

When I say simply create it before you, imagine it, lock it into your mind, see it. Imagine that you see it in front of you. Bring that imagination and externalize it. Then, feel its presence building and building and then locking into place, locking into reality until you can then pull your attention away from it and then bring it back and it hasn’t changed.

Click here to check out this book on Amazon

Click here to check out this book on Amazon


To create fully, we must experience our creations fully.

  1. Creations of the mind are visualized, imagined things, real in the imagination.
  2. Creations of the heart are felt, emotionally producing an emotional response, as it would if it appeared to you by standard methods in static reality. What would you feel if this creation was real?
  3. Earthly creations are verified as real by the mundane senses, the organs of sense being triggered, sometimes only for a moment, before the mind tells the body that it cannot be real, so it must not be.  


Beginning your magical journey is about working with your spirituality for practical aims, mastering your life, creating solutions and reaching your spiritual potential, however you choose to define them. This is the mission of Magic Self and Spirit, our goal is to empower you to walk your unique, independent and powerful spiritual and magical path, hence our slogan:

Empower Your Magic

Build Your Spiritual Path

Create Your Reality.

And what of our business Magic Self And Spirit, how could we use the examples in this blog to build our journey?

Well here’s some ideas:

  1. Turn our logo into a sigil encircled by abundant runes
  2. Create a tulpa charged with building our business
  3. Birth an egregore with the followers of our Facebook page empowered to bring others towards us to realize their own spiritual and magical growth.

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