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Learning How to do Ritual Magic a huge step on the path to your spiritual empowerment. Ritual Magic is the art and science of changing and empowering you to create the life you choose. It's the crossroads between the material world and the worlds of spirit and potentiality, and a major gateway to spiritual growth. From out of chaos, the abyss of nothingness, we have the ability to create new worlds. By connecting with ancient or archetypal beings of power we can harness their abilities. We can merge their energy with our intention to project new structures of reality and experience for the magician.

Essentially Ritual Magic is a psychodrama. It is a powerful story ceremony intended to create change in partnership with angels, demons, spirit beings, or ancient gods/goddesses. It is designed to change something either in your inner world or the outer world around you. A good part of its power often comes from our collective racial memory. Racial memory represents all of the collected stories and memories of humanity through time. This includes the stories that you personally know and the ones you research or come to you in meditation and clairvoyance. With the internet we can now access the ancient stories and symbols of any culture we choose.

How the ancient Egyptians magicians practiced their ritual magic for example is stored in our collective human memory. It is possible for our unconscious minds to recognize the magical symbols and actions even if we don't realize we have seen them before. It can then connect us to the supraconsciousness, the collective realm of higher thoughts, daydreams, and creation. With this connection, the creative magical processes begins. Learn more about the Magic of Ancient Egypt in our books on Star Magic here.

What does Ritual Magic Look like:

When designing your ritual there are several things to consider:

  • The kind of ritual the magician chooses,
  • Which pantheon of gods or spirits to work with
  • How elaborate the ceremonies need to be

All of these depend on the outcome intended. For more on what kind of magic to choose for your intention check out our blog on Magic for Beginners.

A typical magical ritual would include setting of the magical space whether inside your mind or in a physical location. Your ritual space may include an alter, incense, a circle on the floor, candles, goblets, mirrors or other magical implements. You would use these to aid you in connecting to spirit or creating a compelling narrative for your ritual psychodrama.

Once your space is set you may invoke or evoke, call to you, the spirit you wish to work with. There are many ways to invoke spirits. We can choose them for you in a ritual you purchase or teach you how to choose in our classes on ritual magic. Invocation and Evocation are some of the most powerful techniques to learn as a foundation to your ritual magic. Our book Powerful Clairvoyance focuses on these skills.

Powerful Clairvoyance the Art of Connection and Knowledge Book

After the spirit has arrived, you will state your intention. This is your powerful “It is my will….” statement that brings forth the reality you choose to create. Feel the energy of the spirit merge with the statement of your intention empowering it. As the empowered magician you project a clear and powerful energy of change in your internal and external reality. You then close the ritual with the words, “It is done”.

I guess that ritual magic has been around for some time then?

Yes, ritual magic is probably as old as humankind or at least as old as humans as we know them, conscious, creative, magical. As mentioned above, the magicians of Ancient Egypt practiced ritual magic. So did the Olmecs, Greeks, Romans, pagans from across the world and many others.

Some of our ancestors wouldn’t have recognized a division between magic and science. It’s only in the last few hundred years that we’ve regressed into the rather childish belief that nothing is real unless we can perceive it with our five senses. That nothing exists unless we can measure it. In our other blogs Steve digs into the questions around Is Magic Real.

Why Ritual Magic?

Ritual magic can be one of the most powerful forms of magic

  • Ritual magic is performed by all parts of yourself, your mind, soul, body, your intention, will and actions.
  • It involves complete immersion in the magic itself. Both the ceremony performed and the results of the magic are an extension of you.
  • Ritual magic is a gateway to initiation into different magical systems and powers, aligning your being with the magic in greater and greater ways.

Gain direct access to spirits, angels, demons, etc. to bring about real change in your life

  • Ritual magic works in harmony with ceremony developed over thousands of years.
  • A great place to learn this skill of connecting to spirit is with your own Spirit Guides. These members of your soul family have a soul contract with you to aid in your spiritual development. Our course Spirit Guides, Mediumship and Moon Magic will teach you how to start connecting to spirit.

Spirit guides mediumship and moon magic book and course

Check out our course here

Ritual Magic relates to specific entities with very particular powers to manifest in your life exactly what you’re choosing

  • Each angel, demon, elemental spirit etc has very specific knowledge or abilities. Through meditation and clairvoyance we can reach out into the other worlds and find the being who most suits our intentions. We then evoke it into our temple to do our bidding.
  • We live in the age of information and have access to so much occult knowledge. It has never been easier to research the spirit being most skilled to act on our magical intention. We can then build a relationship with it and evoke it.

Perform your ritual in a temple of your own creation

  • Temples don't have to be ancient stone structures. You can create your temple in your home or somewhere else you’ve set aside as a sacred space to work. Many pagan traditions prefer to outside in nature which adds another layer to the personal experience of your magic. Designing your ritual space is a further stepping stone on your path to your unique and powerful spiritual and magical growth.
  • You might set your space with candles, incense, an altar and more. Physically move your body, use your emotions and voice to connect your soul with the magic. In each ritual you live a new experience that opens the creative doors of the universe. With your will you create your own reality. This is the magic of evocation and scrying where a spirit being is summoned into physical manifestation to do your bidding.

Rituals can be performed internally, played out as a whole drama in the inner worlds, in an inner temple you’ve created

  • In the palace of your mind create your own sacred space. Act out the magical ritual in your mind. Each in a special place you’ve designed to be aligned with the type of beings you’re seeking to invoke. Imagine the symbols, order of the ceremony and magical tools being used in the ritual. Play out the full experience and create magical results that you desire.

How to do Ritual Magic to Gain the Power to Create the life you choose

Imagine what changes you could make in your life if you had access to ritual magic. Imagine what decisions you’d make if you could create your own reality? Ritual magic is both an art and a science of power. It is the power to create change in your inner and outer world. With these realizations comes great spiritual growth. How you experience reality will never be the same again. The path of magic is limitless. It’s an unparalleled journey to your highest potential and opens the door to incredible and awesome experience.

Ritual magic, or indeed any magic, is not just the waving of a magic wand and all of your life challenges are resolved. No, magic creates the conditions for you to reach your goals and experience phenomenal spiritual growth. It requires things from you however. Whether you’re performing the ritual or someone else is doing it for you.

What does it take to do Ritual Magic?

Learning how to do ritual magic is more than just learning the words to the magical spells. You must build your practice, putting enough energy behind the goal to see it come true. It requires you to be focused on the outcome you’re choosing.

We find meditation to be one of the best ways to build your energy for your magic. We have developed our own form of Transmutational Meditation. Like the ritual itself we engage the unconscious mind through story, symbols and relaxed trance states to unlock the power of your unconscious mind. Learn to hone this foundational skill in our book Moon Magic and Transmutational Meditation.

Moon Magic and Transmutational Meditation - Kill Anxiety Book Cover

Get your copy here

To create the life you choose, you must release all anxiety and attachment to your goals. After the ritual, allow the change to take place in its time. This vital step of direction your attention and energy takes practice. Our blog Belief and Manifesting explores the power of your belief in creating your reality.

Finally, ritual magic requires that you understand that all of the energy of magic flows through you. It’s your reality we’re talking about no-one else's, to clear the path to your greatness and success.

Our mission here at Magic Self and Spirit is to empower you to walk your own unique and powerful magical and spiritual track. Our passion is four fold, to help you:

  • Empower your magic
  • Build your spiritual path
  • Build your spiritual and magical practice
  • Create your reality

How Magic Self and Spirit can help

As a practicing Chaos magician and clairvoyant myself, I have the honor of offering you a number of services to light up your way.

  • We could work together to design and plan your own rituals for you to perform yourself.
  • Following your own ritual magic I can clairvoyantly assess how the energy of your magic is moving. From there we can decide whether you need to add more magic to it.
  • With my deep spirit relationships and experience in magical ritual I can perform magic for you. The ritual will prompt the energies of creation to reorganize themselves to support you realizing your goal. This work has three major parts.
  1. First the consultation, where we discuss what you would like to change and how best to achieve it.
  2. Second, the performance of the ritual itself, which I would execute on your behalf.
  3. Third you may need to take actions or change some of your beliefs to allow yourself to receive the new experience.

Book your ritual Here

For me, one of the most beautiful parts of my magical and spiritual journey is the like-minded souls I meet along the way. Each person is unique and powerful in their own right and can bring color and joy to my experience. I find that working with and supporting others as they weave the way to their individual genius triggers my own understanding and spiritual power.

For this reason we’ve built an exciting spiritual and magical community. Our Master Mind group meets every Thrusday inside the Spiritual CrossFit Gym. Each month we teach a new course to develop our Magic, Self, or connection to Spirit.

Take your next steps to create your own reality. Come join us here at the Spiritual CrossFit Gym.

Magic Self and Spirit Spiritual CrossFit Gym - Get Spiritually Strong

Find out more here


  1. Lee on June 17, 2020 at 9:31 pm

    a few months ago Steve at magic self and spirit guided me through a healing ritual for a loved one who was suffering with severe symptoms of covid-19. with Steves guidance he show me the steps, to step into my own power! and become the magician! in order to change my Reality and Heal another! Steve guided me through a step-by-step process to create a personalised bespoke ritual for me!

    this ritual empowered me in other ways too! if you are fed up of other people taking your power this would be the ideal first step! giving others your power to others Blunts your creative and spiritual growth! which will cause stagnancy! even more so during these uncertain times of the post-apocalyptic world! during these quiet times when we have not been working, or out socialising and just staying at home! life as We Know It has completely changed! it has been a time of reflection for all of us! as the world has become quiet our higher selfs have been whispering to ask more frequently! and the words of wisdom have come more profound! in turn we have been asking our higher selfs what next?

    when you step into your power you becoming the master of your own universe and destiny! and you become one with the universe! you become a equal! turn your dreams and desires into reality, if you can think it! you can create it!

    • Stephen on June 17, 2020 at 9:33 pm

      That’s an awesome review, thanks so much Lee

    • Teina Marie piercefield on October 25, 2020 at 7:57 pm

      That’s a wonderful scripture so well explained

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