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Many practitioners of Chaos Magic understand the art and science of the spiritual practice of sorcery as a collection of different belief systems which in and of themselves are illusory, but due to the nature of reality, belief and the interface between the unconscious mind and the supraconscious (collective unconscious) these magical belief systems are functional and effective.

One doesn’t need to indefinitely believe this or that god, or herb or astrological sign is the only effective ingredient of a spell, as if there’s some giant computer somewhere in the heavens, or some monotheistic being (person) that will undermine the effectiveness of your magic if you don’t do it precisely as prescribed. No, Chaos Magic is an understanding that beliefs are tools designed to create a chosen experience, not a rod to beat yourself with, like some radical catholic, when you don’t live up to ideological dictates that could be suggested by a narrow interpretation of those beliefs.

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Some people believe that someone created a universe with a volume of at least a trillion, trillion cubic light years, containing at least a billion stars for every human...They furthermore believe that this ‘person’ gets either pleased or angry with them personally if they eat pork on a Friday, or masturbate on a Sunday, or massacre the enemies of the faith on a Wednesday or whatever their infallible theology dictates.’

The Apophenion, A Chaos Magic Paradigm by Peter. J. Carroll.

Now here’s the rub, while it’s absolutely true that beliefs aren’t absolute, it’s entirely necessary to believe in them absolutely at the time of actually doing your magic spell, the anatomy of a great spell, depends on the power of belief! Beliefs are the magician’s tool that allows her to reshape reality. The beliefs themselves could be seen as masks which when the sorcerer dons them and follows the rules of those beliefs, magic can be afoot, reality can bend.


The Anatomy Of A Great Spell

A blog we recently came across when seeking content for our Opinion Posts Series, the Anatomy Of A Great Spell from EclecticWitchcraft.com is a wonderful and very useful starting point if you’re new to witchcraft or magic.

Emma Kyteler (the author) invites us to put on the mask of the witch and creates a wonderful lesson in witchy spellcraft. Many of her categories are both logical and universal such as deciding on your purpose, that is deciding why it is exactly that you’re doing the spell, and what the components of your spell are.

Her mini biography at the end of her blog is a beautiful exposition of what it’s like to wear the mask of eclectic witch.

‘Emma has been practicing witchcraft so long she barely remembers a time before it. She feels as old as the stars. The Earth seems like an infant in comparison. Will she never know peace? Probably not. But she will write blog posts about witchcraft for you.

Emma is a mom, a wife, an eclectic witch, and dead but dreaming.’

I love this blog, Emma lays out all the basic meanings and correspondences from the nature of herbs and oils, to the time of the day, moon phase or the symbolic nature of each month. Her writing is clear and her instructions, when acted upon, a powerful anatomy of spell writing and performing.

If you consider yourself as a magical beginner, or a croaking old wizard seeking another approach, this blog is for you. The thing about it I enjoyed the most was the absence of spiritual and magical moralism, Emma avoids dualistic lectures on right and wrong or the threefold law of return and gives us a comprehensive well structured approach to her kind of magic.

Let’s finish this opinion piece  with Emma’s words:

‘So if you want a simple magick spell for beginners, you probably only want two or three ingredients and maybe a simple rhyme to set your intention. You can even go as simple as reciting your incantation over the flame of a candle.

If you want something more elaborate, you may be mixing oils and herbs, finding the right candle color, deciding the right phase of the moon and time of day for your spell, and setting up a specific choreography of movements and incantations…

I hope this information has helped you on your path to being a master spell crafter. Spells that you made yourself tend to be more powerful than those found in books or online, so this is a worthy endeavor for any intermediate to advanced witch looking for a new challenge.’

I highly recommend Emma Kyteler’s blog - The Anatomy Of A Great Spell.

Merry meet, merry part and merry meet again.

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