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Welcome to Part 1 of our 2021 Moon Magic Guide, we will lead you through the first 5 moons of the year. The steadiness of the lunar cycle reminds us to keep up our practice each month. As we become more consistent, we build up the energy needed to do more powerful moon spells. With each full moon, learn about the traditional pagan magic that gives each its name. We will leverage astrology and Star Magic, by becoming aware of the constellations that the new moons are passing through each month. We will outline the kind of Moon Riturals and meditations you can do to build your practice.

So begin by identifying a major goal for this year, and let's start moving toward it in stages throughout the year.

The History of Moon Magic

It is said that the Ancient Greek Sun god Apollo instructed his followers with the edict: ‘Know Thyself.” Working with the magic of the cycles of the moon gives the mage just that opportunity. We can explore the balance of light and dark, yin and yang, the hidden and the known. The moon shines into the deepest pockets of our souls and illuminates our primal instincts and deepest desires. Lunar sorcery focuses on the profound, often hidden, parts of self. It is the path to the hidden pot of gold and your personal power awaits you deep with your darkness.

Since early times humanity has observed how the moon influences the tides of the oceans and seas. It’s not a great stretch to understand how it affects our bodies, emotions and experiences of reality. The moon is our constant nocturnal companion. Even on those few nights where it is invisible it supports a blueprint of magical and spiritual growth, and/or personal initiation. The twenty-nine or so nights of a moon’s cycle is divided between fifteen days of growth and fourteen/fifteen days of releasing, letting go of and/or destroying those things you no longer choose.

New Moon Energy and the Power of New Beginnings

The New Moon is about beginnings. It can be the genesis of a project or practice, or the start of a self-initiation journey building of your magic. This is the moon phase to plant the seeds and set your intentions for the month. New Moon Magic welcomes the challenges that arise on your spiritual and magical journey that help you grow. Look inward to identify the possibilities that become available for you and aim your sights upon them. Artemis, Bridie or Diana are goddesses in their youthful aspects. When called at the New Moon they will soul journey with you on the hunt for the life and sorcery you choose. 

The three nights before the new moon are the ultimate time of banishing. The Dark Moon embodies the power of destruction to eliminate blocks to your magic and your goals. Use this time to prepare yourself for the powerful new cycle of growth. 

The Nature of Full Moon Magical and Spiritual Fulfillment

The Full Moon is when relevant parts of our magic come into being and manifests into physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual reality. It is the time of inspiration, a time of love, power, wisdom, and gnosis. This is the best time for soul travel and dream magic. As you step deeper into your path the Full Moon is the pregnant goddess, bursting with the energy of fulfillment. It is a good time to evoke the wild god of the forest, Cernunnos or the Green Man. As we draw down the moon with our evocations, it is the perfect time to shapeshift (particularly into a wolf-like being -lycanthropy). It provides a magnificent energy with which to realize our psychic potential.

The Full Moon is the best time in the month to perform magical rituals and initiations of great importance. Lunar magic is at its greatest potency at this time of the month. Let it radiate through you in the glory of who you are.

Our silvery sphere shines through the darkness like a bright lamp of divine beauty. Like an orb of knowledge and power, she inspires our sorcery as we gaze upon her majesty. The Full Moon nudges us to realize our potential in a way so profound as her rays reach deeply into our souls and occult parts of self.

Understanding the relationship of the Moon to the Stars

As a rule of thumb, each New Moon aligns with the star constellation that the Sun is in at the time. So for example, when the Sun is in Capricorn so is the New Moon. Each Full Moon aligns with the constellation opposite to (six months away from) where the Sun is passing through. For example, when the Sun is in Capricorn, the Full Moon is in Cancer. The opposite alignment allows us to call in the magic of both constellations, in another expression of balanced opposites. As we balance our emotions and our minds we can then open for massive growth in our spiritual and magical practices. 

Lets jump in!

January 13: New Moon in Capricorn

Capricorn corresponds to abundance, it refers to a cornucopia of plenty. Its also seen as the wild mountain or sea goat. (Sea because the region of the sky where Capricorn resides was named the Sea by the Ancients). The New Moon in Capricorn then aligns itself with both abundance and wildness.

This month is a good time to focus on manifesting financial abundance. Think about how having money would support your goal. How much money would you need to be able to create the time, resources, or freedom to have your goal? Meditate, perform a ritual, or other Moon Magic Spell to bring money to you. For suggestions check out our blog Manifest Money with Candle Magic.

Imagine or evoke wolves to howl in support of your intention as the energy builds toward the Wolf Moon.

January 28: Wolf Full Moon - Leo

The Sun has moved into Aquarius so the Full Moon is in Leo. We can work with the magic of both constellations to bring about your abundance. Work one of two ways depending on your preference and experience:

  • Meditate, visualize, feel and write about the energy of money and abundance. Using Full Moon energy, imagine your financial potential, sense your abundant spirit, mind, emotions and body, physically bringing money into your life. Leo the lion is about power, courage and audacity. Aquarius the Water-Bearer is about emotions, abundance and creation. Use your imagination to sense these correspondences empowering your financial intention. 
  • Create a sacred circle with the elemental watchtowers. Evoke or invoke the power of the Full Moon, and the powers we’ve identified just above of the constellations of Leo and Aquarius. Evoke wolves to howl at the moon to empower your magic. Sense the energies present in your sacred circle and state your magical intention aloud a number of times. Thank, dismiss and banish the sacred circle. 

Use the rest of the moon cycle to transform, transmute or banish any obstacles to the realization of abundance and money.

February 11: New Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius is the water bearer and is a chance to examine our emotions and determine what changes we must make to achieve our goal. For this new moon look inward to find emotional triggers that are preventing you from manifesting your goals. 

Use meditation or clairvoyant skills (perhaps work with your spirit guides) to identify the emotional patterns that are holding you back. Set your intention to improve your emotional health. Then through ritual or meditation use the power of the Dark moon to clear those limiting beliefs and emotional patterns.

As the new moon energy arrives, set a new intention to align your emotions to serve your year goal. You could evoke the creative senses of Aquarius to empower your emotional experience. Intend that all parts of your energy are aligned with your goal and speeding you toward its attainment.

February 27: Snow Moon - Virgo

Bring the power of the Snow Moon to freeze the fire of anxiety and calm your beating heart. Connect with the energies of the Full Moon nudging you towards emotional health at its full potential. Sense the beams of the Full Moon reaching down inside your body bathing and empowering your emotions, reaching down and enlivening your soul.

Sense or invoke the power of the constellation of Pisces bringing balance and stability between your mind and emotions. Find or employ gratitude for new abilities to create your world. New ideas and an abundance of opportunities will arrive in your life now that your emotions function at their highest potential.

Say: Creative forces stirring in me with aid of Pisces set me free!

Repeat these words over and again like a mantra.

(Sandra Kynes - Star Magic).

Feel, call or invoke the magic of the constellation of Virgo, the balance of Mother Nature. Understand that Virgo as the Roman goddess Porrima introduces psychic knowledge and prophecy through her balance. Virgo brings renewal as the goddess of the fertile soil, all that dies will be reborn. Breathe into the intention that your emotions will come into alignment, feel the divine love of self healing.

Use the rest of the moon cycle to transform, transmute or banish any obstacles to the healing of your emotions.

March 13: New Moon in Pisces

Let’s identify this moon cycle as empowering your magic. Call on the power of the New Moon to give you the energy and know-how to become a Mage. Imagine you’re planting seeds, or literally plant seeds you’ve consecrated, so your magical ability will grow. Feel the emotion of gratitude for how increasing your magical and spiritual abilities will help you achieve your year goal.

Call on the fecundity of Pisces, the ability to create new magic, abundant energy. Utilize the duality of Pisces so you can balance your new magic with techniques of powerful old magical rituals. 

March 28: Worm Moon - Libra

Call on the Full Moon at its ultimate strength to enliven your magic and understanding as to how magic works. In 2021 the March moon will be an even more powerful Super Moon. For this and the next 2 months the moon will be its closest to the earth this year. This closeness makes the moon appear bigger and brighter in the sky, and enhances its magical energy. Use her name Worm Moon to thaw the ground to prepare for your magical practice. Direct her to fertilize the land where you’ve planted the seeds of your sorcerous growth.

Call on the constellation of Aries to give power, abundance and strength to your practice. Allow this energy to build so you may create your life consciously in the way that you choose, adding a freedom to your reality.

Imagine or invoke the constellation of Libra, bring your magic into balance. Through balance we’re powerfully utilizing each part of ourselves; mind, body, emotion and spirit completely. Utilize the Libran energies of honor and ambition as you bring your yin and yang into equilibrium.

Use the rest of the moon cycle to transform, transmute or banish any obstacles to the empowering of your magic.

April 11: New Moon in Aries

Let’s identify this month’s goal as improving and harmonizing our relationships with others and self. Call on the New Moon to bring you new opportunities to work and live in harmony with important others around you. Evoke the maiden goddess of the New Moon to hunt parts of yourself that are soothing, loving, supportive and charismatic. Or, if you’re unable to express yourself in relationships, evoke her to hunt the parts of yourself that honor you. Entice her to discover a voice that is both assertive and balanced.

Call on the constellation of Aries to enhance your personality in a way that’s more powerful, abundant and strong. Create a statement of intention in present tense, positive language of how your life will be with balanced supportive relationships. Imagine, feel and be grateful for the way that this ability will empower your year goal.

For help to create your intention statements check out our blog on The Language of Manifesting.

April 27: Pink Moon - Scorpio

Evoke the Pink Moon, the blossoming of your personality and relationships. Use the Super Moon’s energy to supercharge your intention. Evoke the Full Moon in the time of Taurus, call for its power, strength and potency. Allow the feeling of its fertility and abundance of experience and opportunity to wash over you. Use this magic and source of manifestation to mold your personality and relationships in the way that you would intend them to be.

Although during the day we’re in the constellation of Taurus, at night the Full Moon lingers in Scorpio. Hence, the energy and magic of Scorpio is available for your sorcery. Invoke the powers of this constellation to bring you luck. Set your intention to draw forth your talents and skills to communicate in ways that honor you and empowers others around you.

Use the rest of the moon cycle to transform, transmute or banish any obstacles to the harmonization of your relationships with self and others.

May 11: New Moon in Taurus

In the month of May we are in the season of Beltane, the pagan festival of love and sexuality. This month we will set an intention to empower our romantic relationships. Evoke the power of the New Moon to bring you new beginnings and opportunities either in a present relationship or in a new one. Welcome any future challenges as they strengthen your magic and sharpen your resolve.

Evoke the powers of the constellation of Taurus to empower and strengthen your resolve to experience romantic relationships in their most desirable way. Call for potency, fertility and abundance of self-esteem and joy when your romantic connections are at their best. Meditate on how your year goal would be achieved as you experience a loving supportive relationship in your life. 

May 26: Flower Moon - Sagittarius (Lunar Eclipse)

This May we will see the magic of the Lunar Eclipse. We experience a flood of powerful moon magic arriving at exactly the right time. The flower moon energy will open our hearts to love and the experience of new romances. 

While this New Moon is in Taurus, its Full Moon is both in Gemini and Sagittarius. Call on the Full Moon to shine a divine lamp, a beacon of creation from the darkness of chaos of the unmanifest. Command this energy to blossom where you’ve imprinted the intention of your romantic relationships.

Evoke the Flower Moon to ignite your passions, desires, and joy in all you create. As new life bursts through the ground, everything is lush and green in this season of Beltane, the honoring of your love and sexuality.

Call on the magic of the constellation of Sagittarius as you stir up the manifestation of your primal instincts and passions. Like cupid, you shoot for the moon to realize your desires.

Use the rest of the moon cycle to transform, transmute or banish any obstacles to the highest realization of your romantic relationships and sexuality.

Conclusion to Part One of 2021 Moon Magic Guide

We have traveled through the first 5 Magical Cycles of the moon in 2021, building your Moon Magic practice stronger each month. Join us in June for Part 2 of our 2021 Moon Magic Guide. We will continue to build the energy toward the realization of your year goal and the empowerment of your spiritual path. 

We have chosen for this guide to focus on only the New Moon and the Full moon. Check out our blog on the 7 Magical Phases of the Moon for more on how to perform your own Moon Magic Spells for each phase. Join us in our FB group for daily encouragement in your exploration of the Magic of the Sun Moon and Stars

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