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Inner Sanctum Courses and Ideas in Spiritual Power Cover

What is the Inner Sanctum Mastermind about?

As you register for the Inner Sanctum Mastermind you'll experience weekly Live group coaching calls where Steve leads you on a Transmutational Mediation to feel the power of spiritual transformation.

Each Group Coaching Call has three phases:

  • An interactive class on this week's lesson
  • A guided Transmutational Meditation
  • A Q&A with Steve to Build your Practice, Empower your Magic, and Create your Reality

Every month we'll roll out training on a different area of spiritual development and magical growth.  These will be introductory courses to build your familiarity with the techniques and allow you get a feel for the work.

The Inner Sanctum Mastermind provides you an opportunity to exchange ideas with others who are also traveling through the course, to ask questions and share your experiences within the supportive community as you grow.

Check out more about our courses and opportunities below!

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Dream Temples and Star Magic, Ancient Egyptian Chakra Wheels, Healing Sorcery for Personal EvolutionMonth 4 - Dream Temples and Star Magic

Once again the process of writing has opened up amazing channels of information from spirit and the book we thought we were writing on Manifestation became a beautiful body and soul healing course in balancing your chakras and discovering the deepest levels of your magical and spiritual power.

Join us on this adventure into the deep past of humanity and to it's highest aspirations, the stars.

This 4-week course will teach you to work with your own chakra system and to perform healing work for others.  In each of the 4 weeks, we will learn a different kind of Chakra healing to bring all parts of your body, mind and soul into alignment.

Month 5 - Healing Your Inner Child

In this course we will explore different philosophies on the Inner Child.  We'll look at the modern psychological model, the Huna Magic of Hawaii's 3 spirits of the body, and the Ancient Egyptian 7 parts of the soul.  We consider this course the Spirit section of this series as we will be connecting to the spirit within.

Our system works with Tramsmutational Meditation, mask work, integration of splintered parts and empowerment of the lower spirits within to assent toward their god-self potential.   Developing or healing your inner child allows you a mastery of self like you have never known and therefore an access to power more direct than you have ever wielded.   We have been looking forward to sharing this lifechanging work with you since the beginning of the series and so glad to final reveal its home in the Temple of the Stars.

Month 6 - Intro to Sigils and Servitors

In this course on direct Magic, we will discuss one of the cornerstones of Chaos Magic, Sigils.  We will work through their history, design and meanings.  We will learn methods of creating our own sigils and when to find the value in using ancient symbols used throughout time.

We will explore the nature of Thoughtforms. Servitors are through forms that you can create to serve your magical purposes and can be very useful.  We will bring you more as this course develops.

More exciting magical and healing modules to come!


Completed courses - books and recordings available

Moon Magic - Kill Anxiety Manifest your world course bookMonth 1 - Moon Magic and Transmutational Meditation

Deepen your connection to Moon magic and enjoy the benefits of meditation.  As we travel together each week to the temple of the moon we will clear mind chatter, enhance your focus and transmute fear, worry, emotional pain, physical pain, and anxiety into power.

This foundational skill will enable you to build the energy you need for other spiritual practices and empower you to manifest the life you desire.



Spirit Guides Mediumship and Moon Magic course bookMonth 2 - Spirit Guides, Mediumship, and Moon Magic 

Let Steve take you on a journey to meet your spirit guides and connect with your gatekeeper.  Over the weeks you will cultivate a relationship with them and discover past lives you have shared.

Connection with your spirit guides is the first step on your path to clairvoyance as you develop the ability to receive information.

We also explore mediumistic connection with your loved ones who have passed on, receiving messages from them and helping you advance on your journey of spiritual growth and power.


Candle Magic the Power of Fire Scrying Course BookMonth 3 - Candle Magic - The Power of Fire Scrying

Our first course in direct magic and the warm ambiance of candle magic is a great place to start.

We will learn the basics of candle magic and how you can use it to manifest the reality you desire.  Learn spells to draw love, money, personal growth and removing obstacles from your path.

This will be a powerful course, taking your manifesting to another level!

Why Join the Inner Sanctum?

We offer powerful meditation and spiritual development skills so you calm your chattering mind and convert your anxieties into real spiritual power.

Our Transmutational Meditations massively enhance your spiritual and magical abilities so you can grow your life in the way that you choose.

Take control of your inner processes and empower your life in the ways that you’ve always wanted to.

Develop your connection with Spirit, spirit guides and clairvoyance so you can master your spirituality and life path in the ways that harmonize with your soul and suit you best.

Empower your magical abilities through candle magic and later with more advanced techniques so you can become the creator and director of your own reality.

Call forth your power of alchemy as you master your energy and chakras so you can focus your dreaming mind to manifest your desires into your material and spiritual life.

Register for the Inner Sanctum today!

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What our Clents are Saying

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Dream Temples and Star Magic, Ancient Egyptian Chakra Wheels, Healing Sorcery for Personal Evolution

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$40 One Month Group Membership
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