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The Left Hand Path Of Odin

This is a whirlwind of a book through Norse mythology and magic, the pantheons of Odin and other gods and goddesses of this ancient tradition.

Asrubr Cyneabsson introduces us to the idea that Odin, the chief of the gods, is not some purer than pure white magic kind of character but a shapeshifter prepared to employ whatever magic and revelation that will enlighten and empower the path of the magical practitioner.

Unashamedly Nietzschean and individualist in its commentary, this book is a powerful aid to those who wish to walk an independent path, a path devoid of the moralism and surrender to a god or ideology of many modern spiritual and magical systems. Cyneabsson leads us through an expression of the Left Hand Path, a journey of magic for those brave enough to seek their own gnosis.

This book is refreshing in its analysis of the runes basing his interpretations on the ancient poetry of this region of northern Europe. The deep analysis of the energies and magic of the runes, both the black and white approaches to them, empowers the practitioner with a powerful and initiatory approach to rune magic.

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The White Goddess:

A Historical Grammar of Poetic Myth

This classic work from the poet Robert Graves explores through poetry and myth the ancient tales and magic of Albion (the ancient name of the British Isles.) It is a delight to read and takes us on a journey to the deepest paths of the Triple Goddess, the feminine divine of the paganism of northern Europe.

All saints revile her, and all sober men.

Ruled by the god Apollo golden mean

In scorn of which I sailed to find he

In distant regions likeliest to hold her

Whom I desired above all things to know.

Sister of the mirage and echo.

Let us walk on these long ago beaten paths together through ancient religion, magic and folklore which Graves awakens in our minds like long lost memories, flashes of dreams and magical recreation from a time that resonates down our bloodlines and culture.

This book is a must for any who wish to experience a pagan, witchcraft or feminine divine magic and spirituality, this is the energy of mother nature and her call to the power and divinity of Immanence. Awaken your witch spirit, a journey of revelation awaits you.

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Lucifer And The Hidden Demons 

A Practical Grimoire From The Order Of Unveiled Faces

The author Theodore Rose, the voice of the secret magical order Unveiled Faces, presents a fascinating magical system working with a hierarchy of demons of which Lucifer is the head.

This grimoire rejects much modern magic as incorrect analysis of ancient ritual and seeks through its academic study and practice what it sees as a more authentic approach.

What we determined and came to know as true, was confirmed by academic research in recent years which almost entirely agrees with our work. The primary sources, previously lost (or hidden) brought light and confirmation to all that we have discovered...These demons are hidden from the public, and the method of working with them is largely unknown.

This grimoire does not require any major ceremonial ritual, instead focusing on advanced pathworking or shamanic type journeying sharpened and improved by modern psychology.

Each demon has its own scene that you visualize and build as you move down the hierarchy of demons until you’ve arrived that the one with the attributes necessary to be able to fulfil the requirements of your magic.

I personally found this way of working both refreshing and independently powerful. The Order of Unveiled Faces position themselves in the magical camp that views demons and other mystical beings as literal and real, I do not see reality that way myself but this had no negative effect on my pathworking with this grimoire.

I happily recommend this book as a powerful addition to your own unique magical path, the knowledge contained within it is initiatory and a catalyst for your growth.

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Liber Null And Psychonaut:

An Introduction To Chaos Magic

When Peter Carroll brought out his two volume book(s) Liber Null And Psychonaut, he broke through much of the prevailing magical ideology of the time. Before 1987 (date of publication) much magical literature was either obscure, deliberated vague and confusing, or misexplained, or it was fluffy  white magic of the neo pagan movement and the new emerging Mind, Body, Spirit New Age.

Liber Null instructs on the building of simple to advanced magical rituals of Chaos Magic including working with sigils and thought forms (servitors), dream work, mind control, reincarnation, initiation and exorcism.

One of my favorite rituals which I have found to be incredibly effective in my own magical workings comes with the invocation of Baphomet, the horned both masculine and feminine godform, said to be the offspring of Lilith and Samael the archetypal demons of the Abrahamic mysteries.

The words of the invocation from this ritual are both powerful and mesmerizing.

Psychonaut concentrates itself on collective rituals and shamanic work. I highly recommend this book as a tool to develop your unique and independent, magical and spiritual path.

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Works Of Darkness

E.A. Koetting is probably one of the most interesting and innovative magicians around at present, his vast array of work (books, videos, online community) singles him out as a great teacher and thinker as well.

Works of Darkness, from the point of view of Chaos Magic creates a fascinating illusory reality that magically is well worth exploring and as a system of meditation and ritual and initiation brings radical change to your life.

We live in an era where alternative spirituality is both prolific and widely available to many yet, ironically, much of it still leans heavily on the moralism and duality of traditional monotheistic religion, light is good, dark is bad. God is desirable and the devil evil, do no harm, don’t be selfish, put others first, love is the most important, the list goes on.

From my point of view, duality itself is the problem and the existence of religion binds humanity into spiritual slavery and a poverty of spiritual understanding. Works of Darkness turns all of this on its head, its radical, magical process frees the sorcerer to live magically as she chooses and empowers him to walk his own path towards Apotheosis as a dark god and a creator of alternative universes.

This magical book is not for the faint hearted or those who cling to Christian moralism and opinion to guide their paths, but for those who seek a unique practice of freedom, this magical deific mask is incredible. Dar tariki tariqat ( In the darkness the path.)

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Shamanic Wisdom In The Pyramid Texts

The Mystical Tradition Of Ancient Egypt

If you come from a scientific or academic oriented background yet yearn for an encounter with the sacred, this is the book for you. Naydler’s project dissects and deconstructs the academic narrative of Egyptology which sees the pyramid hieroglyphics as merely burial symbolism and reconstructs the spiritual story of shamanic journeying and the Pharaoh’s path to Apotheosis.

For those of us that walk a unique, powerful magical and spiritual path a text like this is gold dust as it unpicks some of the detached logic of the academic that fears to connect and feel, and what better subject to choose than the spirituality and magic of Ancient Egypt. As Jeremy Naydler himself puts it:

“Many people today find themselves by one route or another drawn to ancient Egypt. It is a civilization that seems to have the ability to ‘come alive’ for us...to invite us to live imaginatively into the life of its people; we feel the magic of its landscape, we are awed by its monumental architecture… when it comes to ancient Egyptian religion, however, we can have an additional feeling. Something can stir in us … We can feel that we touch a dimension of human experience that directly, perhaps disturbingly, impinges upon us today.” Ibid.

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The Necrominion

Michael. W. Ford’s The Necrominion “centers in the foundation that the human mind has a racial memory that extends back to the dawn of our species; to our ancestors back to the nameless seas which spawned humanity’s primeval ancestors.”

The modern unique magician who follows her personal powerful path of spirit and magic is invited to tap into those parts of self, awaken those memories with the symbolism of ritual magic, and self-initiate back into these streams of human consciousness and empowerment wearing the mask of ancient Egyptian ritual magic.

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Introduction To Ritual Magic

In Dion Fortune’s day it was more difficult to be open about magic and other occult ideas and hence the veils of secrecy were commonplace.

The magician and writer Gareth Knight adds his expertise to Dion Fortune’s work, perhaps saying what Fortune would have liked to say if she were writing today, and bringing this treatise of ritual white magic upto date.

Dion Fortune founded the society of Inner Light which later spawned a number of other mystery schools which are still active today.

Many of her writings are brought together by Gareth Knight in this book and cover a range of topics from astral work to mind training, mind magic to initiation and of course the power of ritual magic.

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Fallen Angels - Watchers and the Witches Sabbat

Fallen Angels is a grimoire, a record of magical workings with the Fallen Angels from the Book of Enoch.

It’s a book on the left-hand part of philosophical musings in conjunction with the ritual magic, either acted out in a sacred place you’ve created with candles incense athame (ritual knife) altar, sigils etc, or played out as a visualized sacred drama in your mind.

The Fallen Angels themselves are seen as they are Deific Masks ( symbolic masks of gods, angels, spirits, demons etc) which the magician can interact with or symbolically wear in order to bring about material changes in your life.

This grimoire has records of initiatory rituals with the Fallen Angels themselves that supports your spiritual growth as you become one with their powers.

The Fallen Angels are seen as rebel fiery seraphim which descended to Earth to bring about spiritual growth for humankind. In the angelic guise these angels represent the knowledge and magic of the Higher Mind.

This grimoire also offers teachings and rituals related to the Nephilim, the giant children of the sexual union between Fallen Angels and human women. They represent the power of working with the unconscious mind, the demonic. Working with the higher mind and unconscious mind together magically leads the magician to higher state of consciousness and spiritual and magical power.

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Real Magic The Science Behind Clairvoyance, Telekinesis and Telepathy

Real Magic, the most recent book from the prolific Dean Radin, chief scientist at the institute of noetic sciences, researcher in Psi - telekinesis, telepathy etc.

In this amazing book Radin speaks of how he’s been studying magic from a scientific perspective for about 40 years, adding with his dry humor, that for the first 39 of those years he would have vigorously denied that that was what he was doing.

Radin says that his book is about real magic, not the magic of slight of hand or fraudulent behavior but magic weaved through the fabric of reality.

Real Magic talks about how the question of whether magic and other paranormal experiences exist are not even being discussed now, as there’s so much statistical evidence for their existence that it’s overwhelming.

Real Magic is about the relationship of science and magic and why science is so resistant to the idea of magic that it’ll repress any entertainment or serious research into the subject. This, of course, flies in the face of the investigative nature of science.

A fascinating read.

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Groundbreaking magician and writer of the left hand path, Michael.W.Ford outlines the path of the Adversary within his balanced between light and dark framework of Luciferianism.

Ford describes and elaborates on his points of power, spiritually challenging your every assumption and prodding you onto your own path of spiritual freedom.

No matter whether you’re philosophically atheist or theist in your thinking or belief structure, there’s a path here to the ascension of your consciousness and your potential omnipotence.

Ford describes the structures of ritual magic which you can either act in a room (or in nature if you choose) or you can play out like a psychodrama in your mind.

The process uses magical symbols introduced into your unconscious mind which open the gates to the collective unconscious, material change, spiritual initiation and growth.

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The Science Delusion

Prominent biologist Rupert Sheldrake wrote this groundbreaking book that challenges science as an ideology and/or a definer of what is reality.

The Science Delusion celebrates science as an intellectually rigorous methodology but exposes it as a belief system which he says has now been spread to the entire world. Rupert Sheldrake says that this belief system of science, or worldview, inhibits and/or restricts free inquiry which is the very lifeblood of the scientific endeavor.

I love this book because it unpicks this science world view which is so often wielded as an ideological weapon to crush any spiritual and/or magical independent investigation and practice. It turns out that science is not equipped to define reality.

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Advanced Magic For Beginners

Alan Chapman‘s book was written when he was 26 years old and shows a remarkable magical maturity.

There are two stylistics things that are particularly attractive to me, the book’s humor and its irreverence.

In terms of the content it bypasses those questions like is magic real or is it all fake and moves you into the ‘meat and potatoes’ of magical practice. For, as Chapman writes, the point of magic is not a theoretical debate, real knowledge is about experience a magical experience comes from the doing of the magic.

Magic, for Chapman, then comes from the discipline of daily practice, the building of skill and knowledge that’s realized by keeping a journal of your magical workings and the insights that arise from reflection and recording results.