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The Power of Transmutational Meditation is undeniable, it activates your innate ability to stimulate all areas of your vast creative mind power simultaneously while reminding you that you’re the source of your reality, that is your life doesn’t happen to you, it’s designed by you in all of its glorious detail.

One of the primary qualities encompassed by Transmutational Meditation is your ability to recycle energy you may define as negative and transmute it into your power. Instead of using three volumes of energy to move through the morass of negative emotions, memories, thoughts, beliefs and actions just to get back to neutral (I know exhausting right?) it empowers you to switch from resistance or high anxiety into spiritual and magical power.

Ain’t that awesome?

Through guided meditation we will teach you to install an energy recycling plant in your auric field.  You will come to see all energy as useful energy, removing the labels of “good” and “bad” energy and feel empowered to take on all situations and emotions.

Join us to learn how to harvest the energy from Anxiety, Traumatic memories, and social contexts and convert them into energy that enlivens you, charges your batteries and gives you the power to create the life you choose.


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Transmutational Meditation is spiritual and magical alchemy, turning the lead of limiting beliefs and negative self talk into gold, the energy that empowers you to reach your goals.

This is a powerful technique that combines trance work, breath manipulation, storytelling, guided meditation, symbolism, contact with archetypal spirit beings, incantation, and magic.

Yet, Transmutational Meditation is so much greater than this form of spiritual and magical alchemy, it allows you to access the whole mind.  By working with your conscious and unconscious mind together you can unlock the doors to the super consciousness where magic lives.

On our meditation journeys we will create powerful maps of spiritual knowledge and magical ability, as you participate in the experience they will become imprinted in your mind and body.  You’ll be able to travel these pathways again and again extracting and creating new knowledge.

Transmutational Meditation activates the power of Neural Plasticity allowing you to build new neural pathways, literally transfiguring the patterns of the dendrites in your brain as you step into becoming the focused, empowered individual you choose to be.

Fathom the immensity of that for a moment!

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So What’s In It For Me?

Fall in love with these guided meditations, as they seduce you on a journey of transformation

Transmutational Meditation reveals supportive and trodden paths to sacred temples of power where you will open up the magical and spiritual knowledge hidden within you.  It leads you to places you didn't even know you needed to go.

Breathe as you transfigure your soul

Learn to relax while taking action,  as you strengthen the muscles of focused attention and intention.

Walk with Steve as he provides a soothing voice to follow, a path to tread, and a defined amount of time to spend in your daily practice.

Steve will use his many years of experience weaving his magic, to spark your transformation. With these techniques he creates a participatory meditation experience as you walk along the pathways of your mind beside him.  This is not a listen in your car experience, for that journey is too slow, this is an interactive learning practice as you acquire spiritual knowledge and magical knowhow at speed.

When you actively participate in the meditations with him your subconscious mind learns the skills you wish to apply to many other areas of your life, your body experiences a knowing of how to do it and a map of how to revisit these mental and emotional places of exploration, learning, and acquisition of power.

Use the recordings over and over again to groove new Neural Pathways in your brain

You are used to doing things the way you’ve always done them, change and transmutation of yourself always requires practice.  As you engage with these meditations you build the practice of calm quiet focused thought that will still and transform your anxiety into spiritual and magical energy throughout the day and empower your productivity and creativity.

This honed ability to focus and gain control of your mental and emotional state will drastically increase the potency of your magic and manifestation ability. To paraphrase Dr. Silva Dvorak:

  • Groove a new groove - do the experience more than once. Create new pathways through experience.

Our goal is not to lull you into a sweet quiet but to roll you into power.  It’s not to make you dependent, it's to transform you into your powerful independent magnificence.

Our goal is not Pin

So What Are The Benefits Of Transmutational Meditation?

  • Still your internal dialog, quiet your chattering mind, develop the muscle of focused attention and intention.
  • Transmute anxiety and other negative emotions into your power.
  • Map the paths of your inner worlds and acquire profound spiritual knowledge.
  • Walk side by side with someone who already knows these paths and knows how to return.
  • Experience transformation and profound teachings from the most powerful spiritual beings.
  • We will use trance work to empower your magical and manifestation abilities
  • Master breathwork and take control of your money, health, relationships and destiny.
  • Trigger your psychic and clairvoyant skills and commune with the wisdom of Spirit.
  • Open your life to synchronicities and the miraculous.
  • Become the master or mistress of your life.

Experience the benefits of Transmutational Meditation and gain the skills of mastering your inner state and empowering your life.  Our first course begins March 24th. Become a member of the supportive mastermind community of the Inner Sanctum as you develop the skills of Transmutational Meditation, to form the foundation of powerful spiritual and magical paths.

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Change your life with Transmuational Meditation

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