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Meditation is the fabulous place of ‘ground zero’, it’s the bridge between the worlds, the external reality and your inner realities. Imagine developing the meditative skills to slow your chattering mind and open up your inner vision to what’s hidden. Meditation is so broad that there are many types that empower you to reach many parts of yourself and beyond and open up to the bliss of Spirit.

What if you could develop the meditative skills to completely transmute and transform your energy. What if you could use meditation to balance negativity coming towards you from everyday life, store and transmute it into power.

Incredible yes?

Incredible indeed but there’s more, the crossover point between meditation and your breath empowers you to pull back into your body any energy (often emotional) that you’ve sent out into your reality during the day and transmute it into your personal power. It has the ability to seal any energy leaks you have in your physical and auric bodies and is a path to transmute any anxiety or self doubt that you may have.

Picture yourself using meditation as a tool to heal your life and open your innate connection to the Universe, spirit and real spiritual power.

That’d be worth it, wouldn’t it?

Why Meditation will Transform your Life

1. Meditation gives us the power to transform our energies into power

As we learn to quiet our mind chatter to reach our inner selves we gain access to the part of our being that creates change, the part that has the ability to go beyond “What should I do” panic into “What feels right” knowing.  Learning techniques to quiet and center your mind will allow you to move powerfully as you know your emotions, your thoughts, and your path are aligned.

2. Meditation gives us the power to heal energy leaks within our bodies

Repetitive thoughts, limiting beliefs, poisonous suggestions from others all steal power from our present.  These mental viruses slow us down and make us doubt ourselves and our connection to spirit and magic. The stillness of meditation allows us to discover these hidden stumbling blocks.

When we attempt to remove these energies from our bodies, leaks are created in our auras where we loose large amounts of power.  Through meditation we can face head on these energies of fear and negativity, repair the energy leaks, and transform the energy to be more powerful even during our healing.

3. Meditation gives us the ability to Transmute our Negative Thoughts and emotions into personal and spiritual power

Meditation is Alchemy
It allows us to recycle all of the sensations of anxiety and worry into power to bring about our goals and creations, absorbing the power from these powerful negative emotions to be used to create our desired realities.  This practice removes the idea of Negative and Positive energy and allows all energy to become available for our creative endeavors.

Meditation as alchemy allows us to investigate our memories, mine them for negative energies and transmute them into power.

This allows us to become the masters of all of the energy in our bodies, and in our lives.

4. Meditation gives us the ability to transmute other people’s negative emotions and psychic energy into power we can use

Every day we are surrounded by negative energies, in the media, online, and in our culture.  Victimhood and disempowered thinking is prevalent in our society and assaults us emotionally, physically and psychically.  Meditation gives us the power to transmute those energies in our magic.

5. Meditation connects us to the worlds of Spirit and Magic

Meditation is the quiet access to our emotional selves, to our subconscious minds where all manifestation starts. It’s the lock and key that opens the supraconscious collective mind that accesses all magic.


6. Meditation opens us to the Symbols of Spirit and Magic, empowering our paths

When we meditate on sacred symbols we can access the resonance they have in the collective unconscious, this is the collective of shared stories and traditions of humanity.  From here we can gain insights into these symbols to empower our own growth.

7. Meditation teaches us to focus powerfully on the goals we choose to manifest

From the place of quiet focus we are able to gain clarity about what we desire and how to go about attaining it.  We can bring our minds and emotions into alignment around our goals allowing us to manifest them more quickly.

8. Meditation enables us to self heal physically, emotionally and spiritually

Meditation is a safe space to make the changes we wish to make in our internal world.  This is where we can hear the parts of self that need to be expressed, explore our deeper fears and empower their transmutation.  Meditation unlocks an ability to heal these emotional states and stop the internal stories that run on loop in our heads, creating filters that we interpret the world through.


9.  Meditation teaches our bodies to relax

Everyone tells you to breathe, but when you really learn how to stop, come into the present, step into the joy of just being and take in a cleansing breath, it’s a completely new experience.  We feel relaxation that is more than an image of “what it should look like” but a deep state of being that allows us to feel recharged, centered, and ready to take on the world.


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