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Welcome to the first book in the Magic Self and Spirit, Grimoires of Chaos Magic series. In Master Your Mind and Emotions with Moon Magic we will explore the alchemy of breath, meditation, and moon magic. This is a four chapter course to build your meditation and magical practices. One of the biggest obstacles our students face to meditation and deep focus is anxiety and self-doubt. We will introduce you to our own style of guided meditation, Transmutational Meditation and breathwork. In this course, you will learn the skills to quell anxiety and quiet your chattering mind. We will build an energy recycler in your auric field to transmute fear and worry into the power to manifest the life you choose.

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The First Steps on Your Magical Journey: Overcoming Anxiety about Meditation

Anxiety and self-doubt have been some of the biggest stumbling blocks for our students on their road to self mastery. This book on self focuses on building your meditation practice as we introduce you to the ideas of moon magic, and magical ritual. We find meditation to be a foundational skill for all magical and spiritual workings. It is a key component of the mastery of your mind and emotions.

It’s not unusual to hear someone say that they can’t meditate. Beginners complain of not being able to concentrate, not being able to quiet their minds from intrusive thoughts. This often leads to performance anxiety and a belief that they can’t do it. Inside this belief they are unable to experience the many benefits of meditation. While the feelings may be true and may have been your own experience, fortunately, they are not the only way.

The problem is about technique. Meditation is a skill that gets better the more you build it. The beginning can be challenging, but once you’re over that first hump it becomes beautifully restorative to your mind, emotions, and body. In this module, we’ll introduce to you our own powerful techniques of meditation combined with moon magic.

Embracing the Challenge to Master Your Mind and Emotions

Each of us experience opportunities and challenges that inspire us to grow toward spiritual mastery. Our mission at Magic Self and Spirit is to support and help you to realize your own spiritual and magical power. The knowledge we’ll draw on is inside you. It’s been there all along. It’s just a matter of opening up to your own radiance.

We live in exciting times, access to our deeper spiritual potentials has never been greater. The veils between the worlds are thinner than they’ve ever been. We’re freer to explore our own spiritual paths than at any other point in history.

Breaking out of Fear Patterns and Developing the Skill of Deep Focus

Yet we live in times of great individual and collective anxiety, fear in our societies has been used as a tool of control. Control of our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, control of our spiritual experiences and as a powerful tool of conformity.

As we free ourselves of these fear patterns we create the quiet required for spiritual growth. The ability to meditate is a skill that can be strengthened over time. As we practice, we develop the skill of Deep Focus. This allows us to concentrate, build and direct the energy of our bodies and the universe. It is also the perfect environment to receive messages from spirit and build your clairvoyance.

Prepare yourself to experience alchemy, as we go within taming the chattering mind, transmuting anxiety into personal, spiritual, and magical power. Reality is actually much more incredible than we’ve been conditioned to believe. Taming and transmuting our anxieties into power is the starting point of all real personal transformation. It is the cornerstone to master your mind and emotions. Through this course, you will develop these skills by building a practice of meditation and ritual moon magic.

Ritual magic is the practice of trading energy for time or luck

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a set of limiting beliefs and therefore emotions that create a state of being afraid of the future. At one level anxiety is catastrophic thinking, it imagines the worst possible outcomes as the most probable outcomes. This causes our bodies and emotions to react as if our lives were in danger. It sends us down a rabbit hole of spinning thoughts and emotional disturbance, searching for perceived security. Allowing our energy to stay in these negative thought patterns actually draws the things we fear toward us by the power of manifestation.

Anxiety reduced to its simplest definition is a fear of the future. cars on a highway

Overcome Anxiety by Healing Your Inner Child

Anxiety, like all experience, is illusion, it is the raw material we use to create inner personal drama. These fearful tales of impending calamity are often created by our inner children. Their immensely creative minds are set loose creating what we most fear, instead of drawing to us that which we desire. If our conscious self could free us of that worry, we’d focus our attention on what we choose and not on what we fear. Thus, the outcome would be perfect.

Master Your Mind and Emotions with Moon Magic gives us a first touch in opening the door to the world of our Inner child. For a deep dive into this topic see our Star magic series book: Unlock the Power of your Inner Child.

Unlock the power of your inner child book cover

Ridding ourselves of anxiety creates a clear path to manifest that which we choose. It takes the brakes off, and allows us to really run. We take this one step further by capturing the powerful energy of anxiety and transmuting it. We will convert it from energy that unconsciously manifests obstacles, to the power you consciously direct.

What Is Transmutational Meditation?

Transmutational Meditation is the technique we employ to accelerate your spiritual and magical growth. It is a combination of trance work, storytelling, use of symbols and guided meditation. This system is based on the alchemical principles of transmuting (changing) lower vibrations into higher vibrations. It ignites your conscious and unconscious minds opening up the doors to the collective consciousness and the worlds of spirit and magic.

Our form of guided meditation enables us to give you a direct experience of Spiritual and Magical practice. You are participating in, speaking and experiencing the magic, rather than just being told about it.

We have all experienced a compelling story where we almost felt like we were there. Transmutational Meditation takes us to an even deeper level of this feeling where we are really having the experience with the speaker. Through ritual and story we can internalize the experiences, overcome the obstacles, and meet the spirits. We can relax into the feelings that come, supported by our teacher who knows the path there and back.

During the meditations we will create the experience of a moon magic ritual. You will feel what it is like to call to spirit and be answered. In trance states you can imprint the emotional experience of building the energy to render your magical intention.

The key is storytelling. The most natural way that we humans learn is through story and mimicry. So we have stretched this idea. What could we learn in stories designed to expand our abilities?

Read our full article on our technique of Transmutational Meditation here:

Transmutational meditation is alchemy, the ability to convert or negative internal states into power.
Read the full article on Transmutational Meditation here

Development of the Self for Magical Ability

Each of the books in our Magic of the Sun Moon and Star Series is focused on one of Magic, Self, or Spirit. This book concentrates on the development of the Self. A strong sense of self is vital to magical practice. It allows you to define what it is you choose to create. This gives you the confidence to impress your Will upon reality to render the change you command. The chaos magic style of magical practice emphasizes this bold and empowered sense of self.

I stand at the crossroads of material and unmanifest reality and direct the flow of primal energy to fashion my reality as I choose.

In this series, we use mythology to access the part of ourselves that is connected to the collective consciousness. These ancient stories are still alive in our collective human memory and their compelling power can be accessed. We treat each mythology as a mask, a way to understand and look at reality. While we are inside our practice we use the beliefs and rules of that mask. When we have finished our practice for the day we can keep or remove this mask as it suits us. For the chaos magician beliefs are just another tool for us to use when creating our reality.

This concept that beliefs are malleable, can be put on and taken off, does require some real mental and emotional stability to perform. For this reason we have dedicated one book in each series to the development of the self, establishing personal power, groundedness and well-being.

All of the books in this catalog use the technique of Transmutational Meditation. This guided meditation format provides us a way to allow you to experience the “feel” of what we are teaching.

Meditation and Moon Magic

In this book we will connect the benefits of meditation with the traditional mythologies relating to the cycles of the moon. Northern Europe has beautiful Pagan practices around the goddess of the moon. Each phase of the moon holds different energies that we can connect to. The darker phases of the moon cycle are more yin, internal, reflective, and preparatory. The brighter phases of the moon are more yang, active, outward, and expansive. Each month we follow this cycle of self realization and self actualization, growing with each turn on the spiral.

Master Your Mind and Emotions with Moon Magic will work with 4 of the magical phases of the moon. We will create a ritual to harness the energy of the New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon, and Waning moon.

We will couple this with the practice of calling in the four directions. Earth based magical traditions from around the world use the cardinal directions to connect to the elements of the land. In our rituals we will call these ancient spiritual energies to strengthen our magic and add their power to our magical intention.

Each stage of the triple goddess of the moon, the maiden, mother, crone
The triple goddess of the moon, the maiden, mother, crone

Moon Magic:

The cycles of the Moon are ideal for magical working. Moon Magic traditions see our satellite as a divine being or the representation of a god or goddess. Each phase from new moon, to full moon, to dark moon have their own spiritual meanings, that we can work with to create change.

The first phases are creative and the second phases are the process of cleansing and transforming any obstacles. Manifestation of your intention happens over the course of a month. This gives us enough time to build the energy needed to create the change. Each stage is moved through every four days or so, giving us guidance at each step for manifesting our goals.

This is the raw magic of nature supporting the Mage as she aligns herself and flows with how the Universe functions. During these times she is the Creatrix of reality, the symbol of the goddess of the moon herself.

Moon Magic is a system, a narrative, we’re all naturally attuned to. It can be used as a vehicle to create change according to our Wills.

Description of each of the 7 magical phases of the moon infographic

7 Magical Phases of the Moon:

New Moon: Time to set new goals, for new beginnings, for starting new spiritual, magical and alchemical journeys and undertakings.

Waxing Crescent Moon: Building your power and knowledge, allowing gnosis to emerge from your unconscious mind and the supra-conscious.

Waxing Gibbous Moon: Focusing on the gestation of power and knowledge. Use this time for meditation and short term goals.

Full Moon: Power at its height, the time for your most innovative magic.

Waning Gibbous Moon: Releasing those things that no longer serve you, habits, anxiety, weakness, toxic relationships and limitations.

Waning Crescent Moon: Look deep within for the energies and inspirations of your wealth, your wealth of knowledge, financial wealth. This is a time of renewal and stillness.

Dark Moon: Inner knowing, passion and instinct. Actualization of your psychicness and sensing the ecstasy of Spirit. Test your limits, seduce, challenge and motivate yourself to reach for the greater and the deeper.

Read more about each phase in our blog 7 Magical Phases of the Moon.

Image of each of the seven magical phases of the moon

Why Chaos Magic and What is a Grimoire?

Chaos magic is a free-form creative version of magic, perfect for the independent practitioner. It is based in the philosophy that all of reality is based in the illusion of perception, and therefore able to be changed.

It holds that all beliefs are tools, ways of looking at the world that can be put on and taken off as we choose. This opens the world of mythology. In ancient stories almost anything is possible. Their heroes, spirits, and magic captivate our unconscious minds and motivate our behaviors as much as any modern construct. For this book, we have chosen the pagan traditions of Moon Magic. Our other books focus on Sun Magic and Star Magic, and employ the mythologies of the Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Greeks, and Norse traditions.

A Grimoire is simply a book on magic, and that is precisely what we have written. This book will teach you to perform Chaos Magic and build your meditation practice in the light of the moon.

Come with us. Learn to master your mind and emotions through building your meditation practice. We will journey together to the temple of the moon. There we will introduce you to the Angel of the Moon and your own inner children. You will practice moon magic spells to build your sense of self and your ability to direct the energy of the unmanifest. You will gain the skill of deep focus and profound listening vital for all other magical workings.

Are You Ready to Master Your Mind and Emotions with Moon Magic?

Get the ebook for a DIY journey to self mastery. The full course comes with the recordings of the lessons and the meditations to listen along as you build your meditation practice. 

Or better yet get access to all of our books and courses by joining our Grimoires of Chaos Mastermind! Our mastermind group meets once a week to share experiences and receive coaching from Steve to speed their spiritual growth.

Gain access to all of our course material and weekly group coaching sessions in our online community, for only $35 per month.

We can’t wait to share this work with you.

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    These courses have literally changed my life! The more and more I do the work in this class, the more I “level up” spiritually, the stronger I get in my self empowerment as well as closer to my connection to Spirit and my Gate Keeper. Thank you so much Steve and April for the guidance and encouragement!

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