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Christianity and the Crone Goddess is the first of our opinion blogs commenting on an article by Anomalien called The Mississippi Legend Of Yazoo City’s Evil Witch Curse.

The article’s an entertaining read, a story from the 1800s of an elderly woman who lived solitary and was thought to murder men brutally, who just before her death cursed the city of Yazoo which 20 years later burned to the ground.

The story is a variant of many of the folks stories of the evil old woman, the Crone Goddess, who harms and curses others, which have grown up over the last few thousand years since God became a man and attempted to destroy all other religious belief and practice.

Monotheism and Duality

The story reminds me of the violence that the repression typical of Christianity can breed. Monotheism, particularly that of Christianity, identifies anything that is not of itself: male; transcended, divorced from nature, anti-feminine sexuality, as evil and to be shunned. This is the duality at the heart of Christianity.

In ancient Pagan belief the Crone Goddess was an expression of the life cycle prevalent in nature and was as sacred as any other part of life. She was the bringer of death and regeneration as all that died must be reborn.

She was the fount of wisdom and women from the age of 60 were honored and ‘Croned’.

The denial of femininity as part of divinity in the expressions of monotheism and its use of duality to exclude, demonize and dominate the lives of others, have created fearful archetypes buried in the collective unconscious mind producing hatred and loathing.

Goddess Crone Symbolically

The part of the story that fascinated me was the manifestation of the curse. Men who feared the empowered feminine and transferred their fantasies of violence upon the Crone leading to her death, experienced the very essence of her symbol as she was reborn as the fire of spirit. This fire burned all the structures of the society...its buildings (religious belief /Christianity) to the ground so new life could grow and thrive.

As one who walks your own personal, powerful, spiritual and magical path, the symbolism of this story is very empowering. Instead of repressing and fearing the dark parts of yourself that languish in your unconscious mind, call them forth and empower them. Your Crone is your power, your wisdom, your understanding of the cycles of life, nature, the universe and your expression of divinity.

Don’t do her violence, honor her!

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  1. Sara on September 29, 2019 at 6:06 pm

    Great read! I can’t help but feel upset when I think about how Christianity suppresses people from truly knowing themselves, their power and connections.

    • Stephen on September 29, 2019 at 7:20 pm

      Yes due to our backgrounds many of us have too much invested in Christianity and inevitably feel betrayed

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