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Chaos Magic – Reflections On The Anatomy Of A Great Spell

Many practitioners of Chaos Magic understand the art and science of the spiritual practice of sorcery as a collection of different belief systems which in and of themselves are illusory, but due to the nature of reality, belief and the interface between the unconscious mind and the supraconscious (collective unconscious) these magical belief systems are…

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The Mental Universe: Three Masks Of Self

The Mental Universe: An Introduction To The Game The old Hermetic axiom that “the Universe is made of mind and therefore everything is mind” underpins much alternative spirituality and magical theory. Magic Self and Spirit then are essentially expressions of the same energy, as I separate the concepts in order to explain them, I find…

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Grey Magick: Pagan Types Of Magick

Check out this book on Amazon Grey Magick, walking the balanced path of Witchcraft, pagan types of magick which can open the internal doors to deeper identification with, more profound investigation of, our unique, personal and powerful roads of our spirituality and magick, the very mission of this website…or is it? While meditating on our…

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