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Machu Picchu – An Experience with the Sacred Mountain

The first Trip to Machu Picchu [Introduction As part of our sacred sites series, Amanda (co owner of Magic Self and Spirit) has written a beautiful article about her journeys to the Sacred Mountain of Machu Picchu, an initiatory and magical experience…Stephen] The hike starts at the river Last year I had the opportunity to…

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Wiccan Feminism, Witchcraft And Independent Spirituality

I have a deep affection for the path of the wise, or Witchcraft as it’s often referred to, as a road to independent spirituality I’ve found it initiatory and powerful. I trained as a priest in the Goddess Movement, which differed from Wiccan Feminism but certainly shared many of its ideas and practices. Click here…

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Candle Magick: A Critical Review

As part of our opinion piece series, I was drawn to blog review: Candle Spells: Everything You Need To Know About Candle Magic. I had an ambiguous relationship with this blog from get go, the ‘Witchy Mommy’ narrative just manages to lean away from being twee, but I have to say at times only just.…

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Hail to the Spirits of Hekate’s Garden

The pagan blog: Hekate’s Garden, Botanical Magic and Pharmakea by Cyndi Brannen, discusses, at one level, the ancient practice of plant medicine/magic that was utilized by the Greek Chthonic Goddess Hekate’s ancient witches. The article is beautifully crafted and, for me, suggested deeper layers of knowledge and magic which indeed ‘break down the illusion of…

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