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Is The Pharaoh A God? The Encounter With The Sacred

Was Pharaoh a God? Is the Pharaoh a God? Depending on your perspective, that is do the Neters (gods) live forever? In ancient Egyptian spirituality the Pharaoh was thought of as a Divine embodiment of the Neters, in his being he held the harmony and balance of the gods both in self and in nature.…

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Stonehenge And The Pagan Celebration Of Yule

Imagine Stonehenge, the Neolithic temple in south west England to the cycle of the sun in the dark days and long nights embodied by the pagan celebration of Yule. The Celtic winter solstice traditions were probably some of the most important in the imagination and spirituality of the Neolithic people of Northern Europe. The year…

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Druids And The Ogham Tree Alphabet

As a magician that saunters along my unique powerful personal magical and spiritual path, an understanding of druids and the ogham tree alphabet is a mask of magic certainly worth exploring. As always this is a practice of balance, the historical information available and the experiential nature of the magic itself. Writing and its association…

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Stonehenge: A Pagan Ritual Site

As part of a mini blog series on sacred sites around the world, a discussion of the pagan ritual sites of Stonehenge is a must. But why discuss sacred sites at all in relation to your unique and personal magical and spiritual journey, why are they relevant? For us here at Magic Self and Spirit,…

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How Omniscience As Clairvoyance Supercharges Your Spirit

Omniscience as clairvoyance, controversial I know, yet for a website like ours (Magic Self and Spirit) whose very purpose is to encourage and support you to walk your own independent, personal, magical and spiritual path, it’s something we just can’t ignore. So, what do we mean by omniscience, what is the definition of omniscient? Well,…

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The Lives Of Witches: Lughnasadh The Grieving And Celebrations

As part of our opinion piece series, I wanted to write about the buzzfeednews.com article: The Striking Portraits Show The Lives Of Witches In America Today. This article is about a personal journey by photographer Frances. F. Denny, a part of her portrait series Major Arcana: Witches In America. The article talks of her trips…

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