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Magic Self and Spirit Discover Spiritual CrossFit

Join our Community
to learn how to use the
Magic of the Sun Moon and Stars
to Empower your life.


Magic Self and Spirit Spiritual CrossFit Gym, Get Spiritually Strong

Join us now to Build your Practice, Empower your Magic, and Create the Reality you Choose

MSS Spiritual Crossfit takes a three dimensional approach to building your spiritual practice.  We offer:

  • Magic - to put the energy of creation behind the reality you choose to experience.
  • Self - development course to give you the tools to build your own practice.
  • Spirit - connection to empower you to see your path clearly.

What is Spiritual CrossFit?

We are all attracted to the  Magic of manifestation and creating real change in our lives.  Without a connection to Spirit to gain guidance and confirmation of magic, many give up in frustration.  As you commit to walking the spiritual path, building the Self into a place of personal power becomes a vital discipline, necessary to hold and direct magic.

Our goal is to roll you into power, to find your highest expression of Self. Our approach to spirituality and magic is designed to accelerate your growth on your unique path.

Let Steve be your trainer.

He is ready to push you, ready to guide you and get you the results you desire.

Come as you are, we will get you there.

Each week we will release a new lesson and Transmutational Meditation.  We will give you exercises to do every day between training sessions to drive you toward results and build a powerful practice.  Get a one month pass or buy a membership to participate in a new topic each month.  We can’t wait to train with you.

Join the Spiritual CrossFit Gym - Step into Your Power

Clairvoyant Readings with Steve, See the Way ForwardClairvoyant Readings:

Our readings are one-on-one sessions where Steve can use his clairvoyant abilities to identify the obstacles in your life and discover the actions you can take to move forward on your path.  With 50k professional readings under his belt, Steve has honed his ability to see the issues very quickly and inspire you into action.

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Ritual magic is the practice of trading energy for time or luck cover image

Magical Ritual:

Magical Rituals are about leverage.  They dig deep into the challenges you are experiencing to jumpstart the movement needed to pry them loose.  They take you from “I can’t do it” to “I am doing it”.  They get you unstuck.

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Space Clearing and Exorcism - Reclaim your Quiet

Steve specializes with work to remove extreme negative spirit beings: poltergeists and spirit attachments from places or people.  Most situations can be cleared remotely as Steve has powerful access to the spirit world that can be accessed from the astral plane.

Steve also has extensive experience with Curse Removal, the magical art of unpicking the work of another magician.

Find out more about how Steve clears spirit beings and removes curses. Learn about pricing and book your consultation.

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Additional Services Available Upon Request.

If you have a unique spiritual need that requires one or more sessions/rituals/work on the astral plane, these include:

  • Generational Healing
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Baneful Magic
  • Group and/or Historical Healing

What our Clients are Saying

Our Student Brittney recommends joining the Inner Sanctum Courses as they have expanded her spiritual abilities

Vivien recommends the books from the Inner Sanctum Courses


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