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We are on a Quest for Spiritual Power

our Courses, Coaching and Readings are Designed to

Empower You to Walk Your
Unique Magical and  Spiritual Path

Join our Community
to learn how to use the
Magic of the Sun Moon and Stars
to Empower your life.

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New Service Available Now

5 Minute Video Readings

Quick Questions, Fast Answers

For those who would like a little more depth than we can offer on the Weekly Ask Spirit Live Call or don't want to wait till Sunday, we have a new service available.
You can email or PM your question and a photo of you or your situation for quick answers.  These can be 3-4 specific questions or open ended general reading questions.


Steve will record a 5 min reading for you to answer your questions and get your answers back to you, usually in 2-3 days.

Request your answer today only $20

Direct Magic Ritual

Magic is the art of altering your experience of reality via focused will, the performing of magic can take many forms and Steve uses a number of techniques and rituals when he’s weaving the best approaches for your particular circumstances.

When we understand that the reality we experience unfolds and flows from within us and the art of mastering our lives is making the process of creation a conscious ‘god - like’ act.

Magical Rituals give you the option to consciously empower your goals and dreams and massively improve the likelihood of  successful outcomes.

Price: $150

Clairvoyant Readings

Steve tends to work directly with Spirit to consult on different areas of your life, whatever it is you need. Steve and Spirit work together partly to look at where the energy is in your life or project.  In a reading he can answer specific questions, confirm your thoughts or feelings, or predict outcomes, whatever it is you need.

Prices: $50 - 20 minutes, $80 - 30 minutes,  $150 one hour

Select Time

Spiritual/Magical One to One Coaching

Steve offers coaching around your personal spiritual and magical development online.  These can include clarification on a topic you are learning about, guidance on how to structure your own ritual or magic, asking spirit for guidance on how to hone your own skills, or follow up development to deepen your work around one of our courses.

Retainer Option

Select Retainer Package

Or Buy Pkg. of 10 the Flex Pack $750:

Space Clearing and Exorcism

Steve specializes with work to remove extreme negative spirit beings: poltergeists etc from places or people.  Most situations can be cleared remotely as Steve has powerful access to the spirit world that can be accessed from the astral plane.  If you believe your situation required onsite attention this can also be arranged.

Remote work:

  • 20 minutes call about the problem
  • Send photos of the person or location with difficulties
  • Confirmation message sent when the work’s finished

Price: $150

Working onsite

  • 20 min consultation call about your problem - $50 to be credited toward the work
  • Travel to where the problem is.
  • Performance of clearing via ritual or other forms of moving spirit

Pricing: $1500 + travel and lodging expenses + time in transit. To be negotiated and paid in advance.Space Clearing and Exorcism

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Additional Services Available Upon Request.

If you have a unique spiritual need that requires one or more sessions/rituals/work on the astral plane, these include:

  • Removing curses
  • Generational Healing
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Baneful Magic
  • Group and/or Historical Healing

Spiritual Magical and Healing Coaching Programs

Steve is in the process of developing a number of Spiritual/Magical online courses which will include:

  • Body Language, Shapeshifting, Telepathy and Storytelling
  • Working with your Inner Child - Integrating or Evolving the Child
  • Shamanic Journeying/Pathworking and Magic

As each course becomes available we will post the preview video and course outline to our fb page : https://www.facebook.com/magicselfandspirit/

Available now!

Build Your Clairvoyance - is a four week course to develop your clairvoyant, psychic and mediumistic abilities. Steve sees this as a magical development cornerstone course, the ability to communicate directly with Spirit directly can and will accelerate your magical ability.

Each week you receive courses notes, questions and instructions and a training video to prepare you for a training/consultation video call with Steve after 7 days of preparation and meditation.

Course Outline     -      Preview Video

Course Price: $600




Build your Clairvoyance course.
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